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Looking for help!


Hi all, I've fancied having a go at keeping a saltwater aquarium for a long time but my wife has always been completely against it, however she has recently came round to seeing how beautiful some of the fish can be and now is actually for the idea of having an aquarium. I think this has been helped by having recently set up a new Juwel Trigon 190 for my mum as a birthday gift for her which means I've had the wife in and out of the nearest pet stores and I've had opportunity to point out the interesting saltwater fish vs the much plainer freshwater we've been buying for mum's tank.

Due to the size of the space I have for a tank I have been looking mostly at 60x60x60cm cube setups and the one I keep coming back to is the Evolution Aqua eaMarine 600, though there seems to be very limited information on it and even Evolution Aqua don't seem to have any reference to it on their website. I have seen it in the flesh at the pet shop and can buy here for £1555 (I found one website that seemed a little cheaper), though that seems a little pricey to me, but when I have looked around the light that is part of this package is £350-400 alone. https://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/product/evolution-aqua-eamarine-600-cube-aquarium-and-cabinet-non-sump. It seems that it is also possible to buy a version of this aquarium with a sump set-up rather than this non-sump version, but as a complete newbie I am not sure on the benefits of one vs the other or if saving around £700-900 and buying all the required equipment separately would be better/cheaper. As for what I will look to keep in the tank it generally the fish we've seen in the pet shop that has attracted us to saltwater so will likely go for a fish and live rock set-up rather than keeping coral, unless there is significant benefit to having coral in the tank.

I'm sure I'll be back with loads of questions, but as a start does the above aquarium seem like a decent choice or does anyone have experience with an alternative of the same dimensions, and am I better with the sump or non-sump version?


id say do it right first time.

i did this, this time round and am really enjoying it.

tank, stand and sump
good quality light, i got a used radion for less than 200.00 alot better than the kessil with that tank
next is skimmer. bubble magus are around 100 ish. you can go better with nyos/deltec etc
red sea reefers come with a biult in auto top off

should you need one though reefloat make an awsome one.

after that start with dead rock, and substrate of your choice, using atm or dr tims to see the tank.



I had seen the Red Sea Reefer but I like the 60x60x60 size better than 60x50x50.... also, appreciate the link to the tank, but as I read that it is tank, stand and sump only whereas the one I linked to included lights, pumps and filtration and doesn't need a sump, or from what I have read a skimmer (?).
[MENTION=16322]doug_amanda[/MENTION] - any reason you suggest the sumped version over non sumped? and I assume you are saying equipment could be bought for <£1k to start having a functioning tank?


sumped are better.

more water volue,. can hide equipment too.

you still get everything for less than that.


Staff member
Got to agree, I would prefer a sumped tank over a non sumped all day long, that said there are some fantastic tanks out there without sumps but most are kept by very experienced reefers to make it work long term,

They can be a bit difficult to get your head around at first but once you understand how they work the versatility of a sump makes life so much easier and for me the overall look of a tank is much better without all that equipment on show.

Yes you should be able to get all the equipment needed for £1k and still have change.