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Liverpool Museum - Anyone fancy donating some pennies?

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As most of you will know, we are doing a coral raid with a difference on Saturday 1st June.

@PaulTys (one of our moderators) is also in charge of the Aquarium section at the Liverpool Museum, and as we know (and without getting into a slagging the government off type thread) there are thousands of cuts against public services etc

More information about the raid and the times etc are here http://www.thesaltybox.com/forum/th...-raid-1st-june-inc-trip-liverpool-museum.html

One of these is the budget for livestock etc has been slashed to practically nothing.

We have suggested to Paul prior to this meet, that we could do a Salty Box donation type effort and the money could go to the Museum for the purchase of future livestock etc

Unfortunately the way it works is if we send them some money, the Museum red tape would probably mean that 1) It can't be done, and 2) If it can be done, then the Museum would swallow the money up and the Museum would see **** all of it anyway.

So this is how we are planning to beat the government and the system.

On Saturday 1st June, we are going to @Aquarium@Cockfields and then to @Burscough Aq, whilst there we will purchase some livestock, (as well as you buying stuff for your own tank of course) and then after our little jaunt to those 2 shops, we will then make our way to the Museum and turn up with some much needed livestock, and there is sweet FA that the Government or the Museum hirearchy can do about it. (That was a cunning plan wasn't it)

So not only do we have a good day out, we also get to help Paul and his staff out, as well as give some more pleasure to millions of people that visit the Museum every year. :)

So if you would like to help out, and please remember, there is no requirement to do so, it is entirely optional, then please donate to TSB (click on the orange donate button top right) and then post on here the amount and also the PayPal transaction number, so as we can track the donations specifically for the Museum.

Also, @chris@fishmansfrags has also said that for every sale he receives from TSB members, between yesterday and the actual day, 10% of that will be donated in the form of CUC which we can take to the Museum on the day. Thanks Chris very much. If you could PM myself or post in this thread the value of the donation or your order, we can keep track of that as well.

So even if it is only a couple of quid, please do so. Please remember you can donate on the day as well, if that is easier than using PayPal etc

One or two members, have suggested that they would like to provide their own livestock as a donation instead of actually donating any monies. This is absolutely fine, the only thing I ask, is if you can let me know what livestock it is that you wish to turn up with, by adding it to this thread.

This is purely so that we know what is being bought, off the master list of 'most wanted' by the Museum. I shall ask Paul to do a post on this thread with this list, so that we all know what this is, rather than turn up with something that maybe unknowingly duplicated etc

If any of the other free ads on here would also like to donate in the form or money (then use the TSB link and let us know) or post on this thread, what you would like to donate livestock wise.

Many thanks everyone, lets show the Government, they ****ed with the wrong people. :)

Total Donated so far (please bear in mind I will need to coordinate this, so if your amount is not showing, it will do so soon)

As at 15:38pm 31/05/2013 - Total spending money at the shops is


3PP19283NM9857910 - £100.00 - Donated by @Matt@Epo
4JF20275SU114473U - £20.00 - Donated by @Matt88
5CF9517524611344B - £10.00 - Donated by @Galvinized
29864431BT513294G - £15.00 - Donated by @bigguy
Unknown transaction no - £10.00 - Donated by @les

0E165348KR659272T - £20.00 - Donated by @LittleOcean
6SW08285SG596773P - £10.00 - Donated by @JayTee
86R333244N753111M - £20.00 - Donated by @Neil@coralworkshop
7X320084949800813 - £20.00 - Donated by @reefloat
52E37109K89118540 - £10.00 - Donated by @barracuda
4112-1042-7693-4541 - £20.00 - Donated by @doug_amanda
Unknown Transaction no - £100.00 - Donated by @cdurkin100
45816153AM353260F - £10.00 - Donated by @laubau
Cash left at Burscough - £20.00 - Donated by @jd5000
Unknown Transaction no - £10.00 - Donated by @george24
1E142787CX5902219 - £5.00 - Donated by @MartynIT
63754107FD365314F - £20.00 - Donated by @kiwiuk927
8MR62189V0326493V - £20.00 - Donated by @Sherlock1
86B4778588024020C - £10.00 - Donated by @Moneydownthecouch
0NL58806A29980614 - £10.00 - Donated by @kinevil
Unknown Transaction no - £69.00 - Donated by @liam@seatoyou
1HM7160460300994G - £10.00 - Donated by @Elkaa
8P052842WM197982W - £16.00 - Donated by @Galvinized
8JE18732FL166143P - £6.00 - Donated by @Funkoid

Donated on the actual day

Cash - £50.00 - Donated by @Hazey
Cash - £10.00 - Donated by @Antst
Cash - £20.00 - Donated by @corouk

Total - £80.00

List of livestock being donated

1) Surprise livestock package 1 pledged already will be brought to the museum on the day by the company concerned - Donated by TBC
10+ hermits and 20 dove snails - Donated by @StarfishEnterprise
3) Some more Dove Snails - Donated by @Moz
4) 2 x Cleaner Wrasse - Donated by @JonnyH
5) Twin Spot Wrasse donated by @tomtucker

Other incoming donations

Sale of an unwanted / needs moving on Koran Angel, money to be spent on the day at that shop and the livestock then given to the Museum - £45.00 Donated by @tomtucker

Stock List.

Some Turbo Snails (depending on CUC already donated)
Up to 6 x True Peppermint Shrimps.
Seahorses either kuda or reidi, must be captive bred and a male & female pair. (they dont like being on their own). Four would be better than two.
Additional Pair Cleaner Wrasse (one pair donated)
Checkerboard wrasse
2 x spotted green puffers. (Tetraodon nigroviridis)
Male Birdnosed Wrasse (Gomphosus varius)
Clown Tang (only if observed feeding)
Reef Bones
Corals Hard or Soft - Still have lots more space to cover so if you fancy any special looking corals or have frags then we are still happily receiving them
Purple Hystirx. Its one coral that we have kept struggling with but we now have a tiny frag doing well and I know where we were going wrong so if anyone has any spare that would be great.
Given the amount of money raised and the fish we have already purchased please dont buy any other fish that are not on the list above. I still really want to increase the amount of live rock in the system so any spare money can go towards reef bones!.

In terms of corals nice softes or hard corals are welcome.

Pink Stylophora
Cauliflower Coral
Pinnigorgia Colonies
Any cultrured corals

Times etc

10:00am Meet at Cockfields @Aquarium@Cockfields | SatNav - OL6 8AR
12:30pm Meet at Burscough Aquatics @Burscough Aq | SatNav - L40 7TE
3:00pm Meet at the Liverpool Museum @PaulTys | SatNav - L3 8EN

Museum Parking Options.

From Burscough just head strait down the A59 and follow it all the way till it ends. As you approach Liverpool city centre get over to the left hand lane following signs for Queen Street ParkingWhen you get close the museum you need to get round the back of the museum. This can only be accesed coming south along A59 - Byron street. You need to turn left BEFORE the roundabout for the Birkenhead tunnel.

If you miss the turning, go round the roundabout a full 360 and get to the right hand lane. At the traffic lights you can do a very sharp U turn to bring you back round.

There are two parking options. I have managed to reserve ten spaces in the museum staff car park which will be free of charge. Id suggest these are kept for anyone with livestock for the museum in their boot. On the map below the staff car park is highlighted in yellow.

When you get to this car park we have bays 4,12, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 28. reserved. DO NOT PARK IN ANY OTHER BAYS (yes I know thats only 9, Im letting Ged know tomorrow which he is in)

The other option is the Pay and Display adjacent to it. On the map this is marked with a yellow arrow as it sits under the fly over but you can just see it between the lanes.

Museum car park.JPG

When you arrive at the car park please leave all live stock in your cars and make your way round to the front of the museum and up to the aquarium. When I get a call from Ged and everyone has arrived I will come and meet you in the aquarium. We will then have to go through to the rear security desk where I can sign you in for behind the scenes ascess.

We can then unload the livestock and sort that out and hopefully at 4pm I will close the aquarium to the public and give you guys full and exclusive acess to all the behind the scenes areas and the aquarium all to yourselves. - Edit - due to the strike this morning and the venue being closed till 12pm I have not been able to get agreement on closing the aquarium for you guys. Everything else still stands.

For those of you who havent met me I would like to think I am very approachable and despite getting paid I do not in anyway believe I know everything in this game. So if you see something you think is wrong, or could be done better dont be shy, let me know I welcome all opinions. And of course questions so if there is anything you want to know about how public aquariums operate, problems, what it takes to work in one etc etc etc then fire away.

Cant wait to see some old and new faces. See you all tomorrow.

p.s Ill be giving Ged my mobile number and one or two other shave it already so if you get stuck or need more directions or something give me a ring.
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wont know till thursday if i have the day off work for the 1st, if not will paypal money over, if i can make it will sort out on the day with you. you know what i was planning have sent PM to cockfields, he's not got back to me yet.


Paul has asked about some of my dove snails which I will be donating, just need to get there now :whistling: damn you dvla hurry up with my v5
Dude from the other thread. Iv got approx 10+ hermits and 20 dove snails. Already mentioned to you and Paul these will need QT due to white spot outbreak.


Amazing Matt, thankyou so much.

Here is the list.

Clean Up Crew
Seahorses either kuda or reidi, must be captive bred and a male & female pair. (they dont like being on their own)
Live Rock (no aiptasisa thanks)
Cleaner Wrasse
Checkerboard or Twinspot wrasse.
Others??? If you are thinking of anything else then it needs to be reef safe, non aggressive (we have enough aggressive tangs etc) and from the indo pacific region.

Again a massive thanks from me and the staff at the aquarium.
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No probs, a worthy subject, I've only visited the once, but will be making sure I come the next big meet, great museum and to be able to support the aquatics side directly is great!
Thanks Toby, this is brilliant. It literally fills me with pride that everyone wants to help us so much.
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