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Lincolnshire Reef


Hello all

He is a little catch up.

After about 10 years in the hobby I took a break for about 4 years. Previously i have always been a bargain hunter, this time we wanted to spoil ourselves and buy everything new.

I originally ordered and paid for a Red Sea but after a 6 week wait and constant excuses about delays I cancelled and ordered the Evolution aqua 1200, actually im happy i did as the quality is great and im supporting a British company :)

I opted for 2 ecotech mp40 qd for flow, the ecotech vectra s1 for return and 2 ecotech xr30's for the lighting all connected through the reeflink.

Im using the Itc Alr1 which runs through to the Itc Fr1 fluidised reactor which is holding red sea carbon. I have the lights now running on a reverse cycle to the main lights.

Im dosing Nyos calcium, mag and alk as well as the Nyos trace elements with the Kamoer x4 which after the initial setup I have found to be brilliant so far.

Heater and cooling fan is connected to the dd temp controller.

I ordered 20kg of Pukani and about 18kg of plate from Tmc.

The plan is for an sps dominant tank and a few select zoas.

Stocking is frags of forest fire, red monti, green monti, tri acro and a few others. Zoas include, rastas, scrambled eggs, utter chaos, granny smiths, red people eaters, and some others.
Fish stocking is my
2 stunning clowns
4 chromis
1 foxface
1 banana wrasse
Scopas tang
Scooter blenny

Testing is done with a mixture of red sea and salifertkits, phosphate and alk are done with Hanna checkers.

Thats about it for now. :)

Comments, ideas welcome




Like i said im happy. Was some bad press about the seals, mine are 100% perfect, i guess everything has the posibility of the odd dodgy one.
Do.miss the bubble trap in the sump though lol


Well had a day off work and ending up doing more than i would if i was lol

Been struggling for space and keeping things tidy so decided to try and do something about it. Managed to buy another cabinet to match my ea one and then move all the electrical stuff over to that. Im planning on using the top of the cupboard for testing etc although the missus thinks a little frag tank would be ok on it.

It could still do with a bit of finishing of to be honest.
Anyway let me know what you think