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Juwel 48(L) x 20 (W) x 24(H) in black colour. - Bolton - BL1 - Collection Only


Equipment For Sale

Equipment make/model/size: Juwel 48(L) x 20 (W) x 24(H) in black colour.
Age: 2 Years
Condition: Very good
How long have you had the item: 2 Years
Quantity for sale: 1
Reason for sale: New born baby hence no time....
Sales price: £200 ONO
Delivery or Collection: Collection Only
Region: North West
Location (Town): Bolton
Advertised elsewhere: No
Location: BL1 View on Google Maps

Further Information:

Juwel Tank with built in internal filter. The main lights just gone off couple of days ago. There are couple of scratches on the front glass but when filled cannot be seen. Tank has been very well looked after as I always keep my equipments in top condition. Tank will is up and running and will come with just over 25kg of premium Fiji live rock and its 100% pest free as it was brought back to life from dead live rock when I setup this tank. Tank also comes with some live stock which includes a very healthy female true clown fish, yellow belly blue damsel and one other small damsel fish, two large sand sifting maroon star fish, two very healthy true peppermint shrimps, one blue legged hermit crab. All my fish are eating very well and are in good health. Tank never had any copper or other chemical treatments hence ideal to start as reef tank. Also background is clear and not painted.

Please note:

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Communications may only be taken to PM once the sale and price has been agreed upon on the open forum and payment/collection details need to be given.
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what do you mean the lights of justgone off? As the bulbs gone or as the ballast broke? am I right in thinink the stands included? thanks


Not too sure pal how much would it cost to get new lights. If you are local, come and have a look as I could suggest few alternatives.

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Its around that capacity pal. I don't know how easy or difficult it would be to remove the filter, maybe someone else could answer this question better than me....


I used to have a juwel tank & the internal filter is only held in place with a little bit of silicone so I used a kitchen spatula to ease it off & found it easy to do.


Also when is it possible to view? You around tomorrow?
Dave ( hazey) suggested it is quite easy to take off the internal filter. Viewing is only possible on Saturday, Sunday or Monday as I am back to work from tomorrow.