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** Jubilee Weekend - Meet At Burscough Aquatics **


I know it's a bit late now but I thought I'd put a screen shot of my route for tomorrow incase anyone needs a lift (or just fancies a few alcoholic refreshments lol)


If anyone needs a lift to or from let me know


Check out my route!


Sadly not going to be able to make it. Would be nice to meet people in person.
Have a great day.

Burscough Aq

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It's gonna be cosy in the shop today seeing as the weather has sh1t on us !!!!!!


Sorry I can't make it today as I am working as with most Sundays.smiley-sex020 However I did call in to Steve's yesterday and bought all his best stock while I was there that was really for today but apparently cash in hand talks with Steve. I did however leave you a few burnt burgers and stale buns.:thumbup1: Sorry guys that's the way it is and I know there will be no hard feelings.Big Thumbs Up Anyway you can always pop along to a non sponsors for the odd manky coral or fish. Have a great day.:whistling:


Was busy enough when we where there. Took mrs fritz and the little nipper with me, even bought somat!!

had a burger and a mooch about (thanks for that btw.)

Sorry we couldnt stay too long but Rachael had to get to work.

stuff the weather, good day out, and Rachael seen stuff she likes so wil be back when new tank is settled.

regards fritz.


i to had a good day, weather crap but company was brill, ste running around, food on the go, and cold beer, what more could you want in a day out. well done to all.:clap:


Thanks Steve,ally and Hannah for a great day.:clap:
Made up we finally have our clam just not going to feed the kids this week Hysterical

Lesa and Phil xxx
p.s Thanks To steve's dad for slaving over the hot barbecue in the rain


yip first, second, third that, a great day me and liam finally got away at 5.30 :whistling:, great spread and proper drinks, must say though the first time i've never been offered a coffee :taunt:. some of the best stock on SPS and LPS in the tanks and cracking raffle prizes as well.



A Big thank you to Steve and all the staff at Burscough today!! and lets not forget the chef "Liams dad I think" loads of food and drinks and lots of prizes too :clap: yes I did win a couple.
Met a few more members off TSB and put some names to faces thanks to the name tags! Started my sps adventures off with a few nice pieces
"one complete with a big Acro crab" under the guidance of Ben not 100% sure on all the names yey but they look great. Thanks again for a great day really enjoyed it and if I manage to keep these alive I may even come back for a few more.
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Knew I should have gone to this, nice of my old man to go instead though?! What you smoking Keith????! Hysterical

Had a top day kids even though the rain was there it didn't bother me under those cozy gazebo's so good work and well done to Burscough and Saltybox for a quality day.

Nev, babe, he didn't have heatpacks!


Sorry Liam!! was that not your dad doing the cooking?? :blushing: thought someone said it was!!! Take no notice of me mate bought 4 sps and don't know there names eitherHysterical
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Sorry Liam!! was that not your dad doing the cooking?? :blushing: thought someone said it was!!! Take no notice of me mate bought 4 sps and don't know there names eitherHysterical

PMSL Hysterical

How old do you think I am Keith! Steve's atleast 60 so his dad must be in his late 70s! No offence taken mate, if I inherited that mans bbq'ing ability I would call him dad!