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Yorkshire Jecod Cp25, Rw4 Sw2, Bubble Magus Reactors Skimmers Wavemakers Tank Will Split Sheffield

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by mikeey946, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. mikeey946

    mikeey946 Registered

    Feb 9, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I have a few surplus equipment bits im getting rid of all in great condition which are

    Jecod cp25 wavemaker near new perfect condition with spare power lead £60

    Bio pellet reactor works same as a gyreactor has an elbow to direct flow to skimmer including pump and is full of brand new biopearls enough to do a 300L tank £50

    Aqua Illuminations Sol with all 70degree lenses fitted and spare 40degree lenses in great condition other than 1 screw is rounded does not affect it at all only reason to take it out to to change lenses. Has a controller with it which does 14timers and storms etc £150

    Aqua medic multi reactor iv ran rowaphos and biopellets in it fine includes adjustable pump £30

    Fluval cp2 & cp1 wavemaker £10 each

    Jecod RW4 also has another RW4 that doesnt work for spares and a spare controller £40

    Jecod SW2 only a few weeks old still have box £40

    Bubble magus nac qq skimmer brand new pump £40

    Bubble magus qq1 skimmer only a few week old also still have box £45

    fluval flex 57L in black with a rear sump bought it brand new a few weeks ago still got original hood with led light and remote to control it, skimmer and wavemaker.Tank is literally brand new only used to qt a few fish for a few weeks

    Has with it
    -blue cheek goby
    -bubble magus qq1 skimmer still have box practically new
    -Hood with led and remote
    -Fluval cp1 wavemaker
    -Rear sump with heater + filter
    -matching cabinet

    £200 for the setup

    Willing to post at buyers cost prices do not include paypal fees if posting im also open to offers collection is sheffield S36

    Im after 2 coralbox moon LEDs or AI primes or AI hydra or ecotech Radions

    Also after vortech MP10 if anyone has any of these to trade or sell


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