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Jebao RW-20 and JBwave controller.


Jebao RW-20 and JBwave controller.

Well as some of you know I needed more movement in my tank,it is 1600lt and has had 2 x Vortech mp40es on it.
After some searching around I looked at the Vortech mp60,but was far too expensive for a hunch that I needed more flow.
My pumps arrived and on opening the boxes, I was very happyat the build quality they felt well built. I also got an extension cable forone of the pumps, as having a 7ft tank there was no way it would be long enoughwithout it.
I had already decided when I put my order in for the pumps,that would also order a JBwave from the USA. This was because after reading alotof information, this would give me the control that I wanted for the pumps. Yesit has added to the overall cost, but has been in my opinion worth it.
Installing was very easy, and I like the attention to detailthat the outside magnet is on a sucker so stays in place. Always difficult if you want to place them onthe back of the tank, but not anymore so a good design. Yes they are bigger than the old pumps butdon’t really notice them, but the control on them is far greater than thestandard controller.
The JBwave is an excellent piece of kit and easy to set up,you can control everything from the menu. It has a real time clock so you canramp down the pumps at night if you want to with no photo cell to worry about. Hereis how they are set up at the moment, but sure I will play more yet.
JBWave Controller v2.0

(1) Test Speed
(2) Wave Pattern: Alternating
(3) MAX Speeds: L:55% R:55%
(4) MIN Speeds: L:40% R:40%
(5) Feed Time: 15 min
(6) Feed Speed: 20%
(7) Cycle Time: 00:05:00.0
(8) Ramp Time: 15 secs
(9) Self Clean: Yes
(10) Night Mode: OFF
(11) Night Times: --
(12) Night Speed: --
(13) Set Clock: 4:06 PM
(14) Factory Reset
Enter number 1 thru 14

The first thing I noticed when the pumps were running, andthat was the amount of muck that was lifted and put into suspension. They havebeen running now for 4hr and the tank is now clear, and just cleaned my filtersock. The corals are all looking fine, and want feeding so things must be good.The only fish that don’t know what to make of it are my wreck fish, but surethey will adapt especially when the food goes in. There is a feed button thatyou can select, anything from 1 to 99min so very impressed with that.
As for the all important question NOISE, well I would haveto say that the pump they are so quiet you do not know their running until thewater brakes the surface. That has always been a problem with the Vortech butin fairness they were never that noisy but compared to the Jebao they were.
There has been advancements in Chinese imports, and they hadto raise their game if they wanted a share of the market. As for how long they will last that is unknownat this time, but if they only lasted a few years then they were worth everypenny.
So as for scoring for the pumps 9 out of 10, the JBwave 10 out of 10 without hesitation.




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I do agree with Pete also. I bought my two RW8's with a JBWAVE controller and setup for my 250 liter tank. The whole setup only took me 5 minutes to attach the pumps to desired locations and wire up. Soon as I plugged in the laptop and used USB cable to program the controller, I could see straight away how easy the settings are and also the very large amount of settings available for the pumps.
As Pete also mentioned, these pumps are so quite, I don't notice them anymore where my 2 mp10's made a drilling noise when revved up.

Be aware that these pumps are powerful!


Nice Pete and glad you are delighted with all. IMO the Chinese have or are going along the same route as the Japanese some years ago. Firstly copy then improve then innovate with quality. I have an RW-4 and have another on order to compliment it on my 2' cube. It will be interesting to see how they interact. I did consider the JB controller but to be honest it might be wasted on my cube but it does seem a good piece of kit and worth the money esp for larger pumps and tank.


I have 2 wp 25 and 2of the smaller newer version r8 with two duel controllers on my 33inch cube and WOOOOW like a washing mashine on full spin amazed


Hi Pete,
Just been reading with interest this post, which I see is a year or so old now.
I had 2 MP40es on my 6' tank but one broke, so I'm using one plus a standard unsynchronised powerhead.
Ive had a period of indecision regarding the tank, which only has fish and softies at the moment, but have decided to keep it and sort the issue out....I need to as its far from ideal.
How did your purchases fare? Are you still happy with them? I'm wondering whether a similar set would suit my tank moving forwards. Yes.....my MP40 is loud !!
Thanks in advance,


Staff member
How often do you have the self clean set? I'm still messing with mine

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