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Introducing the new Salty Box Keyring & Coaster - * Now available to purchase *


@jrob3rts I have one gold keyring with your name all over it James, I'll let you have it this weekend

Yaaaaaay, I am happy now.
I am so terribly sad.
I know said me.
I ought to consider working out where I am going tomorrow.
I know. Do it then muppet.
Ok, stop shouting at me.
I'm not shouting, I'm educating you silly fart.
Ok, well stop ******* about and let me get on with it.


Gutted I was promised that one years ago

I got sick of waiting for mine as Chris kept saying he keeps leaving it at his works so I paid him a visit at his works & he gave me his number 2 :w00t:
That was ages ago


It's how many posts you have done ,so many gets you a key ring ,the more you do gets you different colours
It a kudos thing :-D