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How to Resize Photographs in MS Paint

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Step by Step this guide will show you how to resize photographs for attachment in a post, and for uploading as an avatar.

Resizing for a Post

I will show you with a photo I took on a 9m pixel camera. This photo was shot in RAW, so also commands a large file size.

Open picture with Microsoft Paint, every PC usually has this.


This is way too large as you can see, it does not even fit on the page.

So we will reduce the size of the picture. First go to Image tab


Select Stretch / Skew and the box below will appear.


We want the stretch box only, and firstly try 50%, enter for horizontal and vertical sizes. Select OK and look at the photo.


The picture still does not fit on the page. We need to undo this process - This is important, do not reduce further as it will affect image quality. Select Edit tab and Undo.


Try again the above process but using a lower number.

This was reduced to 10%, This is the size in comparison to the screen that you want for the file to be small enough to attach.


It will be trial and error the first time, however, usually your pictures will need the same amount of resizing, unless they have been cropped, then the figure will be higher.

For an avatar, the file size cannot exceed 12kb. This is a very small picture. The photo below has been reduced to 4%.


The picture uploaded into a post.[attachment=0:z4li0azv]stepbystep.JPG[/attachment:z4li0azv]


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