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How level is level


Hi all,

I have had now had my tank on the stand for a week while I finish off all the other jobs, the aquarium is currently empty as I'm waiting on more plumbing parts.

Just out of curiosity I decided to get a spirit level on it, the tank is fine left to right.

The issue is front to back, I have attached 2 pictures, one is of the left side and the other the right side.

There are currently a couple of lead shims under the front to try and level it.

What do you guys think, is it acceptable?

The tank is 60" long x 30" wide.

Many thanks to all who replys.



Editted ... reread your post.

Are you saying the tank twisting?
A straight but slight lean is no concern but if one side leaning and the other isnt that adds a twist.
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it looks like the tank is twisted or the glass hasn't been cut straight the other option is the stand wasn't completely level and the silicone hadn't been left to set fully and the silicone has twisted to match the level of the stand unlikely but it is possible.
measure the glass top to bottom in a few places to check it's been cut straight. I'd be tempted to ring the manufacturer and get them to come out to inspect it.

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IME a tank can indeed be level left to right but out of level front to back due to the floor. with 30" front to back, I would want it better than you currently have it. Try putting some hardboard shims along all points at the back where the sand touches the floor doing it that way it won't affacet the level length ways. Or if you have adjustable legs wind them down a little more along the back.