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i have a red sea reefer 250, and we all know they have a sump, how do people mange when they go on holiday, as i dont really have any one to pop round every day to look after it, so was wondering if there are any tricks out there to get me over it, as i dont want to shut the tank down,Thanks


As above along with an auto feeder, make sure the auto feeder you get is one that prevents moisture building up within it, this is important, as the feeder sits over the tank, and after a couple of days of this the food if you are not careful starts to clump up and doesn`t get fed in to the tank, thus starving the occupants.

The most I would leave my tank for would be one week, even then I would be on edge like many of us, I also invested in a netcam, yes sad but true, as I can then log in from my phone and check on the tank from time to time for peace of mind.