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Hi guys, pleased to be joining you


Thanks for your reply Jamie. I was very confused by that mixing guidance, as you say continues being pumped around the aquarium. However, in the bucket it's a neat mix with r/o and maybe reacts differently there. Tbh, I've got more important things to worry about than that. I sorted the concern by dropping a much larger heater into the bucket, 150w, which brings the temp up nicely in 2hrs with a tunze powerhead pushing it around. Everything in the aquarium is a case of striking a balance, and with each one having it's own individual character so to speak, a little trial and error generally settles things down. I found this with my fully planted discus tank. Lights, nutrients and co2 took a while to balance out whilst trying to keep the softness and ph in check. Definitely keeps one interested as your heart truly has to be in it. Waffle over:dance:
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Hahah I agree. There are much more important things to worry about!

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