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Here's a terrifying thought


Yeah, you could be right. Im a member on another forum as well and a few years ago it used to be buzzing and loads of new posts. Now its all quiet.


I use both Facebook and forums and a forum is far better than Facebook for actually having a thread that runs for more than a couple of days.


I think I might be the only Welsh member, perhaps we should form a Celt contingent?

As a interesting history point, the term Celt has pretty much no fixed meaning. Equally the previous idea that the Roman occupation forces the natives out of England as we know it isn't right. Most merely assimilated. So actually there is no definition between any of us. We're all native britians or Bretons who are geanologically the same as the French, Germans etc. It's therefore safe to say if we use the term it's to apply to pre Roman invasion britians. In fact as a Scotsman your only 10% more likely to be genetically "Celtic" than an Englishman.
DNA study shows Celts are not a unique genetic group - BBC News
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I’m on here also from Irvine Scotland I joined a while back when tbh their were not very many members and with everything going on lately haven’t been on here so no you are not alone

Lucas Scott

Hello, I am Lucas. I am new to reefkeeping, and this is my first comment. It's a little offtopic, but maybe you will forgive me. This section reminded me of a joke I recently read :D Here it is!
One chilly evening in Scotland, two men were sitting in a pub, drinking some beers.
'Dirk, can you see that man at the counter? He looks just like me! It's crazy! I have to talk to him!'
So, he went over to the man at the counter and tapped him on the shoulder... --> https://www.JokestJokes.com/man_at_the_counter

cheers guys!