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Hello Im New, Well Im Not Really, But Im Back!


Hi All,

My name is Paul, I used to be a moderator on here, but having left the country for three years Ive not been around much. But Im back in the country and Id love to hear from any old friends that remember me.

I used to be a curator at the World Museum in Liverpool. I had a very close relationship with the forum and absolutely loved it.

Ive now taken up a post of Senior Biologist at the National Marine aquarium and, having been away for a while I want to re-kindle my salty box relationship and brush up on some lost knowledge.

So if you remember me please say hello, and if you dont, say hello anyway.

Can't wait to get involved again.

And for anyone who wants to know how this all started and what I was doing, take a look at the tank thread here......



I'll be bugger.

Hello Paul and welcome back. I for one am glad to see your back and I remember visiting Liverpool Museum great visit behind the scenes.

Please have a look around and if you want to come back as a moderator let us know.