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Hello All


Hello everyone. I have just set up a salt water aquarium and thought it be a good idea to join this forum to share my experiences and learn from you guys. I have added an image of my aquarium which is at the ugly stage at the moment. It is a 400lt custom made tank. I am a carpenter so i made the cabinet to match my existing wall panelling. I am using an external filter which is an FX4. I have two heats and two wave makers. I am also using a uv steriliser. My lights are leddy tube lights x2 One is marine and the other is actnic.

After alot of research and many people telling me stay away from saltwater fish i decided not to take the advice and jump straight in. So my aquerium has been running for 3 weeks now. I used natural sea water from a company online. I have been checking all levels every single day. The ammonia went up to 0.5 for a couple days then droped down to 0 In the first week Other then that nothing else has happened. I have started introducing livestock from week two. I know have around 7 fish in and so far so good. Levels are normal. Lets hope it stays that way!!!!!


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