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Hello all...


Soooooo... where to start...

I've been keeping marines since the dark days of the mid 90s... had various tanks over the years. Got out of the reefing hobby and concentrated on FW for a good few years.

My wife got me back in about 16 months ago and I converted my 1200l Amazon biotope into a reef...

I am pretty active on some of the US forums and the 'other' UK forum... but thought I'd get into SB too now as I think a few on UR think I'm a bit bonkers.

My background is in biology, I hold a PhD in evolutionary biology with sidelines in taxonomy and specific knowledge of biofilms (exciting stuff hey!).

Here to help out with my experiences and to be helped... every day I come across something new on the forums.

A quick warning... I don't run my reef the conventional way... I'll set up a tank thread when I have more time, but don't be alarmed if I don't agree with the 'normal' way of doing things!! Anything I offer as advice is based on my own experiences... I can't guarantee ýou'll have the same results so if I were you I'd ignore it!

Looking forward to getting stuck in and hopefully building this forum up :)

A quick pic taken this evening...


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