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Heat Issues....


As we all know we are in for this weird thing called "Summer" which is lasting for longer than we are normally use too, (more than 4 days of the year), with this comes a possible issue of over heating on our tanks.

A few tips that can save any tank if there is an issue with heat can be the difference of a complete tank wipe out, or one that survives.

Oscillating fans are a god send they can be removed easy, they can reduce temps on a tank by 2 or 3 degree`s very quickly and can be left running without any intervention from the person. The bigger size of the fan the better.

Blue cooling freezer blocks, many high street shops can sell these, they can come in packs of 2 or 3, or you can buy them single, have these on a rotation, one or two in the tank, one or two in the freezer, rotate these every 2 hours or so, this will keep the temp down a bit, but can be a pain as you need to keep doing it.

Open windows! obvious I know, but any breeze that is outside will help getting the temp down as it comes through the house.

Curtains/Blinds, kind of obvious really, but keep the curtains/blinds closed that are near the tank, sure the other half will most likely moan at you for not allowing the sunlight in, but the heat generated from an open curtain/blind to one that is closed can be up to 2 degree`s, that is not also taking in to account possible algae blooms from the sun.

Sump doors, again if the tank is slightly over on temp, open them doors up which will allow some heat to escape, this will probably lower the temp by a degree.

Lastly, a water change can bring the temp down if you dont heat the r/o water to mix it, caution is needed with this approach as the new water needs to go in slowly, and not dumped in, as the temp swing can shock and cause demise of corals/fish, but can lower a tank temp by up to 5 degree`s with a 15-20% water change.

Just a few tips to help keep your tanks in control in the heat, there is obviously other things you can do, but these are just the ones that spring to mind, dont neglect taking a peak at your temps every 2-3 hours if you are at home so you can catch temp spikes early !


one more thing to add, if you run high heat output lights such as multiple t5's or halides you can turn them off/reduce the lighting period so they don't put any extra heat into the tank the other option is to raise them up and put a fan between them and the water to blow away the warm air.

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