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full system for sale shallow braceless - cullingworth - bd135ar - Collection Only

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Equipment For Sale

Equipment make/model/size: full system for sale shallow braceless
Age: 6 months +
Condition: excellent
How long have you had the item: 6 months +
Quantity for sale: 1
Reason for sale: other commitments
Sales price: 1000.00
Delivery or Collection: Collection Only
Region: Yorkshire
Location (Town): cullingworth
Advertised elsewhere: Yes
Location: bd135ar View on Google Maps

Further Information:

Unfortunately the time has come for me to sell my aquarium. It's a fairly new system at around 6 months old. The display tank measures 40lx28wx17d inches so it's a great size for aquascape front to back. The shallow look really is stunning and everyone who sees it comments how nice it is..it has twin over flows with ball valves to control the flow and twin returns to give a nice surface movement. It's sat on a matt grey hand made wooden stand and has a large 3 section sump underneath to house all the equipment. Flow is suplimented with a top of the range Vortech mp40wes wes..the led Lighting is suspended over the tank with a custom made haging bracket system.

Included in the sale ...

Display tank,Sump tank and Stand £350 inc heaters return pump and all plumbing.........sold
Light hanging brackets £20.............sold
Marine it2080 led light unit £190.............sold
Vortech mp40 wes wavemaker £160

It comes with all the live rock structures and plates, live sand and mature water if wanted. You would need extra containers to transport.

Live stock includes
Purple tang £60
Pair of true perc clown fish £50
Yellow tail tamerin wrasse £30 perc has first refusal
Cleaner shrimp £15
Lots of crabs and snails free with rock

Large Duncan coral £50
Loads of zoas and mushrooms £90 all in
Various sps mini colonies £5 each

Live rock plates and bones crabs snails etc £300 all in, stunning structures.

Half bucket of reef crystals salt £25
Refractometer £15
Reefloat Auto top up (never used so not sure if it's working) free with tank

Loads of other gear lying around Inc nets traps and bits and bobs.

if i get enough interest i will split so ive listed prices above.

For collection only. I can assist with the breakdown after it has been paid for. I won't accept liability for any damage when dismantling or loading. You will need a good size van and 2 people minimum also containers for live stock rock water ect. I do have a few tubs that are included

Please note:

All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM.

Communications may only be taken to PM once the sale and price has been agreed upon on the open forum and payment/collection details need to be given.
The agreement of the time and date of collection or postage, or confirmation that items have been posted should also be posted in the thread.
Please refrain from commenting unless you are interested in more details or are interested in buying.
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I know you have only just listed your tank bit if you ever consider splitting it up could I get first offer on the tamarin wrasse


O well in that case that's easy . If everyone sticks together and doesn't buy from you , you'll be stuck with it lol. Good luck with the sale though

Bizzle Wizzle

I wish I had have made mine that size, I was actually considering building another 42x28x20 so not million miles from yours.
Just struggling for time at the moment so decided to leave it for a while but dependant on price and if I can bring myself to transfer everything over!!


if i do split ill let you know pal. as above unless someone comes and takes it all im not to fussed really.. id love to keep it but getting pressure from the wife :-(


Strange buddy?? Unless something has changed as I'm not a mod anymore?? [MENTION=11338]Hazey[/MENTION]..
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