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Full system 5x2x2



5x2x2 foot full glass marine aquarium. 3 foot sump and cabinet. Lights were 350 each alone. So hell of a deal at 800 ono

You get:

-5x2x2 display tank
-3 foot custom sump
-Tmc v2 400 skimmer
-2 x Sunrise WiFi LED light units
-Heater control unit + heaters
-4 pump auto doser
-Uv filter
-Several wave pumps (various settings)
- return pump
- all plumbing

*fish *
Yellow tang
Vampire tang
Convict tang
Powder blue tang
2x clown hosting GIANT anemone
5 blue chromis
Fire fish
Fox face rabbit fish
Mandarin goby
Red spot algae blenny
Cleaner wrasse
Several shrimp, snails, crabs etc.
3 x huge bubble tip nems

2 x torch
2 x frogspawn
1 x gold frogspawn
A few huge rocks of shrooms
Fluffly shrooms
Loads of patches of various zoa's
Green fungai plate
Various others.

Up over 300 worth of live rock and sand. Whatever salt i have left, tropic marin abc balling salts and dosing container for auto doser. Various test equipment. Kit for water changes, spare pumps, heaters, containers etc. 50gpd ro/di unit with auto shut off and 200litre drum for storage.

Ask for pics and more info.

Based near Cardiff. Will need several people to move tank, made from 12mm glass so weighs a tonn

£800 ono, Cf72, near Cardiff

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