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Let me know if you’d like to volunteer to be a forum moderator here at The Salty Box (Old and new mods are welcome).

Specially we are looking for moderators who…

… Previous forum moderation experience, especially Xenforo forums but passion is more important.
… Have been regular or semi-regular users of this forum.
... Can be decisive, fair, consistent, and mature in moderating forum posts.
… Expect to participate actively in the forums themselves, at least a few times in a week.
… Have a passion for forums growth and interact with our members.

So, there you go.

PM me with your interest and why your interested.

Regards and thanks all.
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As it's new ownership I'll throw my hat back in the ring. I was a moderator many years ago.

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Those interested please have a good read of the above and PM me what's needed.

Gives us a better chance of reading about you and suitability to the forum and its members, owe thanks for the above guys :)


[MENTION=20322]warby[/MENTION] [MENTION=22835]CEECH[/MENTION] 2 of the most helpful members and [MENTION=18058]Moneydownthecouch[/MENTION] who was a brief mod. Never got the chance!
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