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fluval edge 23l.


Well here we go again. I closed down my edge 46l sps/zoa tank a couple year back after having another sprog and going self employed so no time at all and basically they all stripped.

Anyways about a month back go bored after finishing early one Friday and went and bought a 2ft freshwater set up / planted community tank and already I'm bored of it.

up pops a cheap edge. and here we go again.
Was initially thinking of sumping it creating a weir on back of tank. But got rid of that idea as too much hassle for not a lot of gain as I don't have the area for a large enough sump to be beneficial.

So going to filter it on an external with carbon/purigen/filter floss. picked up a hydro 200 yesterday and give it.a good run thought today cleaning it out.

Order most of stuff for a DIY LED just need couple bit tomorrow and can make a start on that. going to be dimmable x4 3w white x4 3w royal blue x1 3w uv x1 3w red. and be fitted into the hood. so 30w total.

Started to make the stand today and give it an undercoat. the top is oak and also going to make some oak feet. still need to paint and wax the cabinet. Missus chose a sage green. It does have a door but the undercoat is still wet a tad.

Anyway some pics of progress so far.


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Well its painted, waxed, wet and cycling.

Light didnt go to plan. My souldering was bit **** really. Using to big cable that i had.lieing around. So just ordering couple bits for that and have another go.

Using a jabeo rw 4 on lowest setting on night mode aswell.

Anyone used colonie? Or something along them lines. Once my lights done may have a use of that to speed up the cycle.



Looks good, what you planning on keeping?

ATM colony worked a treat for me.

I really dont have a clue fish wise or coral wise yet.

Maybe clown goby/fire fish.

Corals. Was thinking lps as will be more forgiving if i forget a w/c one week. The size of the tank is going to be hardwork.

Softies will be easiest but will grow too quick for the tank.

Maybe a hammer tank. But most likely mixed lps with 1 or 2 monti plates easy sps.

You can probaly realise from that post I still have no clue.


Have you considered something like a MarsAqua light unit suspended above? I know from experience these can be a pain in the arse to run on marine. Personally, I'd drain that 2 footer and use that instead


I used to have the 46l edge as as sps tank. I had a chinese 50w led on that. Very simily to the mars aqua units. That was my initial plan to use as a.light but can only find 160w units, bit of an overkill.

I know they can be hard work. But a 2l w/c will take a couple min. Thats 10% a week on something that will have hardly any bio load. (1small fish). So it will mainly be to replenish ca and mg for the coral.

Hopefull should be good with a mainly lps tank. Bit more forgiving.

It may go that way with the 2 ft tank. If it ****** me off more then expecting.


I used to love how I always forgot to drain water before putting my hand in, floods ensued :whistling:


So were going. Had a go qith atm colony.

1 yellow clown goby and couple hermits.

Just picked up a few frags. Torch and a few sps.

Light is dimmable 3x 3w royal blue 3x 3w ice white. 1 x 3w red 1x3w uv.

Dont really like the colouring of the light. May change the red and uv to 1x1w each. And add more blue.


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