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Fish Stocking Advice 125 Litre

Discussion in 'Help and Advice' started by simon37, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. simon37

    simon37 Registered

    Mar 19, 2016
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    Hi hoping to get some advice on my current fish stock and the possibility of adding some more. I've got a 80x35cm 125 litre tank, with 2 x breeding pair common clowns, 1 x yellow wrasse, 2 x green chromis and 1 x royal gramma. Also a skunk cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, 2 zebra legged hermit crabs and a few soft corals. I would like to add perhaps 1 or 2 more fish but each new addition just gets relentlessly bullied and harrassed to death by my large female clown. I've lost 3 bangai cardinals to her and a red firefish so far and as you can understand nervous about trying anything else. I've had these six fish all together for a good 3 or so years without too many problems but recently my female clown has now started going for my yellow wrasse whose tail is looking a little ragged now but otherwise doesn't seem too bothered.

    I have tried rearranging the rocks around a few times now, but doesn't seem to make a difference. Do you guys think this is it for adding anything new? I know I could probably rehome the clown but she is my favourite despite how evil she is lol. Had both clowns from very young and she has grown to nearly 4 inches and turned a lovely black and white colour with an orange face but in my opinion truly stunning. She lays eggs on average every couple of weeks which makes me think why she is so aggressive now.

    Any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.
  2. jim_fitz

    jim_fitz Admin Staff Member

    Mar 20, 2013
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