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Hi all , I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place but I'd like some advice on a female clownfish.
shes part of a pair Iv had for around 3 months and has been absolutely fine prior to yesterday when I noticed her hanging around under a rock with her mouth opening and closing faster than normal .
When I switched the lights off last night she proceeded to the usual sleeping spot at the top of the tank with the male clown .
today she isn't opening and closing her mouth as fast and looks normal but isn't eating , she's gone towards the food but not taken any that I can see .
all other fish are acting normal , eating fine and no signs of damage or distress .
tank parameters are all good but I did have my salinity creep up to 0.27 but I slowly corrected that ,I have a aqua one 275 with 50 litre sump
any help would be greatly appreciated

many thanks


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Looks Fine to me. Don't be to critical when observing fish.
Just like us they have there off Days. Salinity looks ok, let it correct itself. thru water changes. Very best of luck :thumbup1:


Thanks for the replies guys
Iv seen her eat so that's a relief but still hanging out in the same spot occasionally swimming around but looks ok


She's absolutely fine now thanks for the concern .
I'm not sure if it was anything to do with mating as she swims into the palm of my hand and chews everytime I put my hand in the tank like she's warning me off