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** Equipment selling rules and a guide to buying **

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Before advertising any Equipment in this section please ensure you fully uderstand the rules below. These rules are in place to make selling on the forum easier and safe for all members. Also see below for a quick guide on buying on the forum.

If you are in any doubt on the below, please send a message to admin before you list or buy your item.

Selling Rules

1. Please make sure your location is in your profile so that members can see where you are.
2. Please advertise all equipment with a price.
3. Add a picture of the item this makes selling your item so much easier and people know what they are buying (please use a picture of the actual item for sale where possible or use a pic that's shows a good representation of it)
4. Give as much information as possible on the equipment for sale this saves on alot of confusion and a speedy sale.
5. Please state if you will post or if it's collection only.
6. All comunication must remain in the thread until the item is sold
7. Once item is sold please clearly mark it as SOLD
8. You must use the sales form provided.
8a. As the seller of the item/items, it is YOUR responsibility to keep the post thread updated with what has been sold and what interest has been shown, leaving a sales thread without any updates often causes confusion to members, soi please make sure you update the thread regular.
8b. Failing to comply with rule 8a within a reasonably time frame, may lead to your sales/buying privileges being revoked.
9. First to post in the thread stating they want to purchase the item, gets first refusal and so on in order of posts
10. First person to offer the full asking price in the thread comes before others offering a reduced price.
10a. If the listing is for multiple items, and a member enquires about some/part of the items but not all of them, then the remaining items are referenced as per rule 9 / rule 10.
10b. Any reply made is valid for 24 hours, if no contact is made with the seller within this time frame, then the reply will be counted as null and void and will be made available to the next interested party.
11. If your not interested in the item for sale, please do not comment in the sales thread.
12. Commercial sellers are not allowed to advertise in this section unless being a member of the free ads on the forum or by agreement of the board owner.
13. You cannot place any adverts / templates for sale until you have been a member for 14 days and you have achieved a minimum of 50 posts. If you do post any adverts, and you have been a member for less than 14 days, and have achieved a minimum of 50 posts, they will be removed.
14. Free to good home section; Once an item is offered in the FTGH section, the person who is offering the item, has the final decision of who the item goes to.
15. It is not a members right to be able to sell on this forum. The forum is part of a community and as such we expect members to be involved in the site. Those members who we deem to be on the forum to sell only will be removed from the sales sections.
16. If you have multiple items for sale please collate them into one thread as oppose to creating many singular sales threads IE if you are selling up & shutting your tank down please create a livestock thread & an equiptment thread to advertise all of your stock/gear. That way it will show people all what you have for sale and stop people asking the question on the back of other stock you have. Once an item has sold, edit your first post to show that said item is sold to make it clear for others to see on your thread. Any problem, pm any staff member and they will assist.

Updated: 31/01/2014

Due to a number of dishonest sellers of late in the classifieds section the following changes have been implemented.

1. There is a Min 50 post count before you are allowed to list items for sale, or are able to view the 'Free To Good Home' and 'Wanted' sections of the forum (this is 50 for general sales)

2. You must of been a registered member on the forum for 14 days

3. The posts in the classifieds section will not count towards your overall post count.

4. Anyone who is seemed to be spamming the board in order to reach the min 25 post will have their post count set back to zero.

The above changes are in effect immediately. It is down to the administrators of the forum to determine what constitutes 'spam' posting and their decision is final.

Selling Rules - updated 15/2/2012

While we do our best to protect members and hope they have a pleasurable buying, selling, exchanging or free to a good home experience on the forum with immediate effect the rules on the forum have been updated.

1. It has become apparent over the past few months that some members use this forum to buy, sell or take anything that's offered to free to a good home. It is therefore noted that the Admin and Moderators reserve the right to remove anyone's rights to the classifieds sections without notice. We are an on-line community and as such we expect you to be ' involved ' in the forum. If we feel you are in breach of the forum rules already in place here http://www.thesaltybox.com/forum/liv...buying-**.html or from the new rule above then you will be banned for 30 days from the classifieds sections.

The above rules are in place to protect genuine members who use the site to buy and sell in the correct manner.

A quick guide to buying

As always there are certain people in this world who have no morals at all and intentionally set out to rip other un-suspecting buyers off. Most of us thankfully are honest and trustworthy and the minority spoil if for the rest.

With the above in mind I think it's only right to give you a few pointers when buying goods off the forum.

1. Never pay by bank transfer - You have zero comeback if the seller fails to send the goods.

2. Do not send as a paypal gift - I guess this is your choice at the end of the day, but please bear in mind as with a bank transfer you will have zero comeback should the seller fail to deliver the goods.

3. Try to get a good communication going with the seller by getting a phone number preferably a land line.

4. REPORT IT - If you suspect anything is wrong please contact any of the ADMIN team and we will do our best to resolve the situation between the two parties. We will not take sides of the buyer / seller, however if we suspect that a fraudulent transaction has taken place we WILL report it to the police. In addition to this the user will be permanently banned from this forum and their details sent to all other UK Marine Forums.

5. If you don't intend to buy DONT post and say you will and then fail to communicate. We monitor all buyer feedback and get feedback on a regular basis from sellers. If we see fit and its repeated on a regular basis you will be banned from the classifieds sections on the forum. Non-payment of goods on the forum that the seller can provide clear evidence that the goods have been collected or delivered will result in an instant ban.

While 99% of transactions go without a hitch there are some people who are out there that will always try to rip others off and we don't want them on here.

The Salty Box Marine Forum or its Admin / Moderator team can NOT be held responsible for failed transactions. Thats up to you to stay vigilant at all times and look after the money in your pocket.

If in doubt about any posts and you would like the Admin team or moderators to know then please Report The Post, you do this by pressing on the red triangle which is located at the top right hand corner of every post. That will then send an email to the Salty Box team to deal with the query pormptly.
It is better to report a post than to PM just one of the team as it will be dealt with quicker.

Selling Rules - updated 10/04/2016
Rules: 8a, 8b, 10a, and 10b have been added, please make sure you have read and understood the changes that have been brought in to help prevent confusion on the classified sections.
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