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Emma's new lps/sps tank


Nice work. I like you scape, alot of place to put some beautiful corals...

Is your Po4 worth corect? Isn't it 0.075?
Where is that No2 comming from, a little consern... That cycle (No3 > No2 > NH4), kills fish (been there, had that).

How about the CO2 bottle? Can you tell something more about it?

Nice Tubastea you have, it's one of my favorites. I feed it a little differently, if I my...

...a pipet and a strow. When I feed my fish is the first pump always into the same corner, the second all over the sun. Fish are on the 'wrong food/fin' and the sun can eat. It's no problem fish/shrimp pick some food out. He eats, that's for sure. I start feeding at 5 pm and my last shot goes in 3 - 4 hours later. All that hassle with bottles gives stress to fishes and after a while to tankholders aswel...
https://youtu.be/fwLX6ryY16A...this cheap 'device' helps me feeding gonio's, gorgones and some lps too.

What means 'fts' this old guy isn't that good with abbreviations.

Keep up the happy reefing!


ohh well here we go yet again another wipe out send off for an water test and these are the results
This is the water test result

this water test was a martinlab water test can I just say never again will I send off for that water test is was a aqua forest test just due to the lack on costumer service after asking people that worked there about how to translate ugl to ppm I just kept getting told I am not a chemist you have have to ask the lab so I asked for the email for the lab after emailing them 4 times already just to make sure i am emailing the right email address and got no reply :(
I then while trying to find out the answers I then spoke to tim Caldwell @triton and wow what I big different in customer service even though he could not comment on the martinlab water test he then arranged for a triton water test to be sent out to me i sent this water test back and got my results back in just 5 days in plane English that everyone can understand pictures off new water test up in a minute

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triton 1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg

although the martinlab test is cheaper good luck trying to find any customer service after you have received your results.so i will not be wasting my money on paying for that test again and will only use triton water test


Out well guys been away from this for a while due to having a tank crash again I am back into it now tank is doing well just setting up for a water change so will post pictures up tomorrow night when all done


ohh well guys here we go again yet again what happened............

tank crashed out again!!!!

getting fed up with it now so i am stripping it out but hopefully will be back summer time


Sorry to hear,what's happened any ideas.
Nope cnt see anything Jay is coming out Tuesday to have a look for me but I have just brought a brand new tank I am going to start over again but will not be till summer I wanna get this tank right and set up the the right and not rush into anything give my self 6 months to get new everything and go again [emoji849][emoji846]

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Just read your whole thread and am sad to hear you are leaving the hobby for a while :( But look forward to seeing your new start in the Summer :)

Lotsof ups and downs to be had in this pastime, but most are lucky to have more ups than downs (I recon I'm running at a rate of 50/50 :confused:).