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do you have a holiday due?


holiday coming up and no automatic top-up?

leave it to a neighbour, dont do it, not if you value your livestock.

it will be alright for a week! no it wont - simple answer

I will buy a cheap one, its only for a few days! it only takes a few minutes to dump all your RO water into the tank - potential disaster

how much value do you put in your tank livestock? probably more than the value of the tank and how much will an ATU cost in comparison to that value?

price range is confusing! £40 - £140 there are reasons for this and the old adage of you get what you pay for does NOT necessarily apply.

what is required from an ATU? - obviously to maintain the correct salinity of the aquarium as accurate as possible without the worry that this will not be the case when no one is present, so the ideal is to have a unit that continually measures and maintains a stable water level (all brands should do this) and if the sensor measuring the water level fails then there is some form of safety measure to prevent a dramatic salinity drop as a result of the ATU pump dumping the entire contents of the RO reservoir into the tank - THIS IS WHERE PRICE IS RELEVANT, TO A POINT!

so lets take the lower price range, no safety features - so you have to judge whether the price saving is worth the risk, some will tell you they have never had an issue with the brand they purchased, do your research and its a safe bet you will find others that have had issues from day 1

so why not offset the risk and go for the de-luxe version with the double float, good idea but remember all you have done is reduced the % of failure arising - ok, so go for the top of the range, established brand name, it has to be foolproof (or is it?) do not be fooled into thinking that a quality name and product range means you can be 100% confident, again do your research and see others opinion first

you will notice I have not named brands as I believe its not necessary, what I have done under the brand REEFLOAT is to take notice of users input of past failures, I have taken this information and developed an ATU that takes account of these failures and provides a product that can be relied upon under the circumstances the aquarist finds themselves.

include the infrared sensing and the exclusive "anti-wave" feature only found on the ATU-Pro3 and you have a mid price range product that meets all our needs plus some- add to this a 1 year guarantee on parts and a 3 year guarantee on labour

up to present there has not been one reported failure of the ATU-Pro3 range dumping the contents of the reservoir into the aquarium - the programmable safety feature is there to prevent it (another exclusive REEFLOAT innovation)

FINALLY - a holiday is a luxury but an ATU is not - research first before investing Big Thumbs Up

gordon from reefloat.com