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Cute Cocker Spaniel Has Arrived

Discussion in 'Non-Marine Pets' started by steve861uk, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Here is the latest addition to our family:

    Ivy and Holly.jpg

    She is an English Cocker Spaniel, name is Ivy and she is 10 weeks old (being held by my middle daughter Holly) :w00t:
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  2. Eaval

    Eaval Registered

    We have a cocker-poo.
  3. Grannycarolann

    Grannycarolann Registered

    Let the fun start.
  4. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Has already started (in bucket fulls :w00t:). Vet bills already rolling in Hysterical
  5. CEECH

    CEECH Registered

    very cool enjoy :) dogs are awesome :)
  6. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    A soggy cocker spaniel :)[​IMG]

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  7. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Above pic is not muddy water, but is tidal flow at the seaside near Weston-Super-Mare :)
  8. Realist

    Realist Registered

    Had dogs all my life and our last died a few years ago, you do get attached that's for sure.
  9. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Sorry to hear that @Realist.

    I do love walking her.....she attracts an awful lot of female attention :beautiful::rolleyes:;):)
  10. Realist

    Realist Registered

    You male hotty you LOL
  11. MissM

    MissM Registered

    So want another dog but no gotta be strong and stick with the fish
  12. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Now that we have got her, would never want to be without her :)

    Surely you can have fish and a dog (or a combination of the two - a dog fish :risas3:).
  13. MissM

    MissM Registered

    Can't do it again hurts too much when they have to leave... plus we have no-one to care for another dog when we go away now my man n dad used to have them but unable to anymore ☹
  14. shady

    shady Moderator Staff Member

    Mud walking in Weston Super Mare - Glad she's had all her jabs