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I'm selling my custom Ocean Design Drop-Off setup. Looking to do it as an all in at a good price.
Located in Caterham, East Surrey.

£2,500 (although will accept reasonable offers if you can move fast)

- 3'x2'x2' Drop Off (Custom from Ocean Designs). Steel frame and full size Triton design sump.


- Jecod DCP-4000 DC Pump
- 2 x AI Hydra HD 26
- 2 x Bespoke Hydra Brackets (rear fitted)
- Neptune Apex
- Neptune Auto Feeder
- Neptune AI module
- 2x Maxspect Gyre SF-130
- 2x Ice Cap Modules for Maxspect XF-130
- Kamoer 4 channel Doser with 4x1Ltr container
- Bubble Magus Curve D8 (imported)
- Aqua Medic Multi Reactor (M)
- Odysea Sump LED
- Tunze Osmolator ATO
- Osmotics 4 Stage RO/DI Unit with 100PSI Pump

Am going to sell off live stock before hand (unless wanted) plenty of live rock in tank - Pukani & tonga branch, which was cooked before use so no nasty hitchhikers. Great purple colouring.

This is a one-off design and build albeit based on a design by another UK reefer.

I'll vinegar bath all equipment upon sale.

Can supply any photos and info needed