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could someone help with my blood shrimp


Hey Guys and gals

I bought a blood shrimp for my biorb 30L.

I have 1.5Kgs of live rock and 2 x red legged hermit crabs.

i bought the shrimp but since i got him home a week ago he just hides under the live rock until he is fed. he never comes out on his own accord.

when i see them in the shops they are always moving and eating. but he just doesnt do all these thing

i am feeding him on the same as the hermits (small marine pellets)

any help is much appreciated


Hi there blood shrimp tend to be reclusive in home aquaria they do tend to hide alot until fully settled in since its only been about a week give it a little more time as different fish and inverts sulk for longer periods than others.
Failing that try feeding a little mysis or krill I no that my cleaner shrimp loves the meaty frozen preps, You might just have a very shy shrimp.
I hope this helps a little.