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Coral Raid - 1st June - inc Trip to Liverpool Museum

I can make the raid on this date

  • Yes I will go for sure

    Votes: 16 64.0%
  • No - I am unavailable

    Votes: 9 36.0%

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The next day out is hopefully taking place on Saturday 1st June - Let us know if you can attend or if not are you prepared to mate a small donation to the Liverpool Museum.

@PaulTys cannot accept any monies at the Museum (red tape issue) but TSB can, so if you cannot make it (or even if you can), we would like to ask if any members would like to donate a small amount so as we can furnish the Museum with some Livestock from the LFS that we are going to, and then we will hand deliver it on the day. For further details or to ask questions feel free to PM myself. If you cannot donate until the day, then that is absolutely fine also.

Please note; There is no need to donate if you wish to come out on the day out, it is a 100% optional gesture. It would be anonymous anyway, and there will be no master list of the amounts given against any member's name. Its not about the money, its about the day out. :)

The shops etc that we will be going to are;

Provisional Timetable (subject to change)

We still need to confirm if we are going to Ocean Gems as at 16/05/2013 - Edit Paul T - I guess not then???

10:00am Meet at Cockfields @[email protected]
12:30pm Meet at Burscough Aquatics @Burscough Aq
3:00pm Meet at the Liverpool Museum @PaulTys

Please let us know in this thread if you can make it or not.

People Attending

Tom and missus
Matt88 (skipping cockfields cause he dislikes kinevil and james)
bigguy + missus +1
@StarfishEnterprise and missus
kinevil + mrs (cockfields only :-( )
jrob3rts + insignificant other (cockfields only too)

Stock List.

Some Turbo Snails (depending on CUC already donated)
Up to 6 x True Peppermint Shrimps.
Seahorses either kuda or reidi, must be captive bred and a male & female pair. (they dont like being on their own). Four would be better than two.
Additional Pair Cleaner Wrasse (one pair donated)
Checkerboard wrasse.
2 x spotted green puffers. (Tetraodon nigroviridis)
Male Birdnosed Wrasse (Gomphosus varius)
Clown Tang (only if observed feeding)
Reef Bones
Corals Hard or Soft - Still have lots more space to cover so if you fancy any special looking corals or have frags then we are still happily receiving them.
Purple Hystirx. Its one coral that we have kept struggling with but we now have a tiny frag doing well and I know where we were going wrong so if anyone has any spare that would be great.
Given the amount of money raised and the fish we have already purchased please dont buy any other fish that are not on the list above. I still really want to increase the amount of live rock in the system so any spare money can go towards reef bones.

Museum Parking Options.

From Burscough just head strait down the A59 and follow it all the way till it ends. As you approach Liverpool city centre get over to the left hand lane following signs for Queen Street ParkingWhen you get close the museum you need to get round the back of the museum. This can only be accesed coming south along A59 - Byron street. You need to turn left BEFORE the roundabout for the Birkenhead tunnel.

If you miss the turning, go round the roundabout a full 360 and get to the right hand lane. At the traffic lights you can do a very sharp U turn to bring you back round.

There are two parking options. I have managed to reserve ten spaces in the museum staff car park which will be free of charge. Id suggest these are kept for anyone with livestock for the museum in their boot. On the map below the staff car park is highlighted in yellow.

When you get to this car park we have bays 4,12, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 28. reserved. DO NOT PARK IN ANY OTHER BAYS (yes I know thats only 9, Im letting Ged know tomorrow which he is in)

The other option is the Pay and Display adjacent to it. On the map this is marked with a yellow arrow as it sits under the fly over but you can just see it between the lanes. Museum car park.JPGWhen you arrive at the car park please leave all live stock in your cars and make your way round to the front of the museum and up to the aquarium. When I get a call from Ged and everyone has arrived I will come and meet you in the aquarium. We will then have to go through to the rear security desk where I can sign you in for behind the scenes ascess.

We can then unload the livestock and sort that out and hopefully at 4pm I will close the aquarium to the public and give you guys full and exclusive acess to all the behind the scenes areas and the aquarium all to yourselves.

For those of you who havent met me I would like to think I am very approachable and despite getting paid I do not in anyway believe I know everything in this game. So if you see something you think is wrong, or could be done better dont be shy, let me know I welcome all opinions. And of course questions so if there is anything you want to know about how public aquariums operate, problems, what it takes to work in one etc etc etc then fire away.

Cant wait to see some old and new faces. See you all tomorrow.

p.s Ill be giving Ged my mobile number and one or two other shave it already so if you get stuck or need more directions or something give me a ring.
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Hi All,

Cheers Ged, that is an amazing suggestion.

For those of you who dont know me I thought Id give a bit of background.

I am curator of Live centres (aquarium and bughouse) at the World Museum in Liverpool. The Museum is a fantastic, family orientated FREE entry museum, supported by central government funding and charitable donations.

I took over the aquarium in November 2010 and started out trying to improve the displays. One of the projects we embarked on was to develop the tropical displays. I wont go into that here but you can read much much more in the tank threads (links in my signature).

We have recently been hit badly with government cuts and as a result my budget has been slashed, all non-essential spending has been stopped, and one area that has been cut for me is livestock.

Any donations in the form of livestock would be amazingly gratefully received. Ive added a little list of what Im after right now but feel free to choose for your selves. The only thing is they must be from the Indo-Pacific region, and must fit in with either a coral crest, a coral lagoon or a mangrove forest environment.

We have hard coral display, soft coral display and fish only. Im also in need of CUC in the form of snails and hermits. Oh, and I love Powder Blues and Copperbands!!! Hopefully it would also be a nice thought that you could come and visit the fish and that it will be seen by around 800,000 people a year and more importantly will help to inspire lots of children to love and care for our oceans. (too cheesy?!?)

However I MUST stress there is no obligation at all. I made the offer to have a look round the aquarium before Ged had made any mention of donations and make the offer as a salty box member not as aquarium curator.

The museum is of course free, so anyone can acess the aquarium itself at any time, but TSB members on this raid will get to have a look behind the scenes and a bit of a tour round from yours truly.

I look forward to meeting some new and old faces.
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However I MUST stress there is no obligation at all. I made the offer to have a look round the aquarium before Ged had made any mention of donations and make the offer as a salty box member not as aquarium curator.

I haven't said the whole truth so far dude, some of the people there the other day know what is planned, and the list is the one that you posted in the other thread, I will copy it across when I can find it lol ;)
This is the master list that we would like to work from, I know we can't buy everything, but we can buy some stuff even if it is just some hermits.

Copperband ButterflyChelmon rostratus1
Tank Bred Cardinal - EmperorPteroapogon kauderni10
Powder Blue TangAcanthurus leucosternon1
Lyretail AnthiasPseudanthias ignitus20
Cleaner ShrimpLysmata amboinensis10
Hermit Crab - CommonClibanarius spp.20
Snail - Giant TurboTectus spp.20
Of course there are always more exciting things but for the immediate future and with a limited budget this was what I was looking for.

Temperate marine is a different story but for interest this is what Im after...

Ballan WrasseSmall6
Corkwing WrasseSmall6
Snakelocks Anemone5
Tub GurnardSmall4
Hermit CrabsLarge10
Weaver Fish10
Black Sea Bream5
OK guys, stick my name down fingers crossed the misses will let me play out again! No doubt she'll want to tag along to make sure my spending is kept in check! :whistling:


I haven't said the whole truth so far dude, some of the people there the other day know what is planned, and the list is the one that you posted in the other thread, I will copy it across when I can find it lol ;)
Hmm, the plot thickens. Sounds intriguing but great!


Just checked my calender and Im on 4 off from sat-tues.

Can you put me and the mrs down please Big Thumbs Up


this might actually be a good date for me to :w00t:, ive booked it off work. but unsure why.. must phone the wife
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