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Coral Box Backup Battery

Discussion in 'Fish Street' started by fishstreet, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. fishstreet

    fishstreet Registered

    Jul 19, 2013
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    Our Power Cell only 1/3 Price on Vortech Battery, include CE / MSDS Certification.
    Power Cell is selling Design by USA, we include Controller and Fuse to protection our Battery.

    Sample Test (Jebao RW Pump) Using lowest model W1 Function
    RW4 / WP10 48 Hours
    RW8 / WP25 24 Hours
    RW15 / WP40 18 Hours
    RW20 / WP60 9 Hours

    Backup for your pump for expectation electricity problem
    Keep for your tank pump operation to avoid any fish or coral die within 6 hours
    Auto Switch the Power Cell if the no electricity *
    Can Auto Keep Power On with power supply for the Battery to Pump operation. Provides stable electricity to keep pump longer lifetime
    CoralBox which come from factory, directly got the specification of Jebao / Coral Box Pump, it can provides the best lifetime for the pump operation than another non factory develop battery
    Jebao Customer just using our power supply instead of original power supply to Auto Switch when electrical down

    Hints : For First Time using, we suppose charge over 24 hours to provides the best performance for the Battery.


    Auto Switch of the Power Supply for Jebao / Vortech
    1) Connect with Power Cell Power supply to Input Charge Hole
    2) Connect the Y-Cable(Include) with the Jebao / Vortech Power Supply (24V)
    3) Plug the Y Cable to Battery (Output1)
    4) Plug the Y Cable to the Controller

    It's will auto Switch if the system failure and auto switch to Power Cell

    Method of connection (1 Unit of RW Pump)
    Step 1:
    PowerCell Power supply connection on the connection point
    Step 2 /3:
    Using the Orginial Power supply connection on the Y Cable (Packing Include)
    For Y cable have 2 point, 1 connection power is for orginial power supply
    Step 4: another connection point of Y cable is for the RW controller


    Review Page: https://recifal.doguet.com/gestion-des-coupures-de-courant-suite/
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