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Hi All

Got a new tank in the works and thought I'd best make a start on this, here's some specs and equipment -

6x2x2 & 4ft sump with black gloss stand and pelmet
2x Kessil a360we with Spectral controller
2x 300w heater
2x MP40QD
1x Vectra m1
1x Nyos 160
Unknown quantity of rock but it's a fair chunk, mixture of live and not live sand.

Now for some background waffle :) This is an upgrade to my current reefspace 900. I got it second hand and unfortunately it required far more work than was evident when I bought it, the stand was patched back together and braced with some sturdy uprights (now painted black to match the stand). there were signs of water damage so the tank and sump were extensively leak tested and resealed.
The door hinges were totally replaced and it looks like I got a couple of duff ones so I need to tackle that this weekend. The skimmer has been put to work in the reefspace until this gets going properly. Lights have been tested and played about with but no lighting schedule has been settled on yet.
One of the mp40s was put on the reefspace as well and is working a dream, I put the second one on the 6fter that's now half filled figuring I would mix salt in there and maybe cycle some rocks. Turns out I was wrong and it packed in, a replacement dry side is on it's way.
The tank is all plumbed in, that was fun....I'm not a plumber and the new stand bracing made things a little difficult, you'll see when I get round to putting some pictures up. The pipework is nothing short of interesting....

I need to get some sump socks and holders, mix the salt in, cycle to rocks and then the real fun can begin :)


Staff member
Exciting times,
I love my Kessils and the controller is superb, think you'll need at least 3 on a six footer though.

Looking forward to pics.


[MENTION=22632]Phil077[/MENTION] they're coming, just need to dig out the camera and cable :)
[MENTION=16322]doug_amanda[/MENTION] I do have a third but it's on the reefspace currently, I did initially think three but after seeing two in action I'm sure about the third


This is the reefspace as of this morning, not very exciting I know but there wasn't a lot of time between it being set up and my getting this new tank really. All funds after that point were put into the new tank rather than stocking the current one.

DSC_0026 by Christopher Annandale, on Flickr

Some livestock shots

DSC_0003 by Christopher Annandale, on Flickr
DSC_0002 by Christopher Annandale, on Flickr
sold as a uranium bounce mushroom, not sure what it is tbh but it's pretty so I bought it :)

DSC_0004 by Christopher Annandale, on Flickr
there's a pair of these small clowns in the tank, the only fish so far.

And some of the new set up with interesting plumbing

DSC_0023 by Christopher Annandale, on Flickr
Ignore the ugly rocks lol left them outside in some water and forgot about them. was hoping to get the cycling but my spare powerheads are not man enough for the job

DSC_0024 by Christopher Annandale, on Flickr
Main drain line spilt for filter socks

DSC_0025 by Christopher Annandale, on Flickr
the pipes run across the top of the inside of the stand to leave plenty of room for tinkering


Staff member
I see, Your light brackets hold the kesils a lot higher than the gooseneck's I have so you get a much wider spread of light, mine are only 4 or 5 inches above the water.

Looks like a good useful sump, are you planning on using the middle section as a refugium?


My other kessil is on a gooseneck but when I saw the new brackets I knew I wanted them, dropped the ball and got two instead of three :( I suppose it will all depend on what ends up inside the tank. In fairness having just measured they are about 12" off the surface.

I was thinking about it, behind that support there is a baffle so it's a 4 chamber sump. odd size chambers though. something like 7" 10" 12" 16". So I was thinking downpipes, skimmer, refuge, return. Mighty big return section though.


Staff member
"Mighty big return section though"

That's what I was thinking, probably too late now but if the sump was the other way round the skimmer would probably go in the first section with the drains, but didn't realise there's a baffle in the centre.


I have been giving some thought to moving the baffles around a bit to create a bigger fuge in the middle. Currently thinking of moving the hidden baffle closer to the drain lines and reducing the size of the return chamber.
I don't think at this point that I could remove the sump, moving or adding baffles is likely to be the easiest way with the tank half full. I do need to do some looking around at other sump designs to make sure I've not missed anything etc