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Changes To Post Count


:smile: noooo it was a general comment /rant .not ment to be directed at anybody sorry if upset anybody.:friends:
Sometimes we can go too far, I will conceed that but as I said earlier just delete my posts. I would suggest some sort of snap chat affair for Liam's posts so that they are automatically deleted after a couple of seconds.

the points I was trying to raise earlier were aimed at trying to establish some sort of self moderation. In a day if I can contribute to the forum intelligently either by encouraging discussion, answering reefing posts or starting threads and I can also have a giggle with other members I see that as a healthy mix. If we all do that then we will see the end of other forums.


I am in agreement mostly but if I wanted to I could come on here post 50 times over 2/3 days then I am allowed to sell now that may not be a problem but if I was on here to scam genuine buyers then it is a problem. Not that you get a lot of scammers on here but you could.

Yes, but you also need to be a member of the site for 30 days as well.


What a week it's been.. And my purple tang of two years has just decided to pop his clogs. Gutted :-(