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Bye Bye


I have taken the decision today whilst stood at lfs with water containers in hand to get my salty water ,I have lost heart the remaining clown is just hovering around not wanting to swim, and No it hasn't been bullied, it will go for food but then goes back to hovering , I took a video in to lfs with me to show to Mark he is as stumped as we are they had had the pair in for 2wks prior to us buying them with no problems . So I heard the words leave my mouth "No I'm not carrying on" so the remaining fish, lobster ,crabs and boxer shrimp are going back to shop tomorrow .
Feeling like poo at present but I don't know what is wrong in the tank so I don't know what to do to fix it if it can be fixed and why would just the new fish die , too many questions and I don't have any answers.

So I wish you all well with your Salty escapades hope your Weeds thrive and your Fish stay Healthy.
Many thanks for your words of advice and banter.
Carol XXXX


fish die, they just do,

i paid £120 for a pair of clowns, one lasted less than 24hrs.

you will start again, i know so many people who miss there tank,

if the fish has no where to host it will hover in a corner as it feels safe,

have you tested your tank? if your keeping inverts and this other clown id hazard a guess theres not too much wrong imo


Me I would yes take your stock back to your LFS then strip tank, clean and start again.

You have the system in place ready to go so now is the time to take stock of the situation and start again.

Don't give up you will regret it.

But what ever you do best wishes.


We have spent on new fish for them not last it's heart breaking but still wudnt be without it now