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Bored tonight thought I would take some pictures ......


coral 3.jpg


  • coral 2.jpg
    coral 2.jpg
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  • photo 2 (4).JPG
    photo 2 (4).JPG
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  • 007 (4).JPG
    007 (4).JPG
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  • Right side 2.jpg
    Right side 2.jpg
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  • 26.6.14 007.jpg
    26.6.14 007.jpg
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  • IPHONE pictures only 046 - Copy.jpg
    IPHONE pictures only 046 - Copy.jpg
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  • Clam.JPG
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lovely cynarina you have there :thumbup1:, such under rated corals, but such beautiful form and translucence... being next to you fungia's/cycloseris ? sets it of really well

my next coral purchase for sure


Plenty of LPS inspiration in those photo's!
i know some people don't think your a reefer unless u have sps. But I actually love the movement and colour and opening & closing of lps. I have bought 1 piece of sps and it's lovely but I am defiantly a lps addict. Lol thanks you for lovely comments. Appreciate it a lot.