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Bath time...


Background: I've got Ich so I thought right ill give the fish a freshwater bath

It's a windy night and there I am in the kitchen RO bottles under arm bucket in hand, I make my way up the stairs to my tank, I open the door slowly, and enter the room, my fish eagerly come to the front of the tank... I can see it in their faces... I can see"Tea time" is on their minds... They are wrong

I make my way to the front of the tank. still the fish skip around eagerly waiting for food... I prepare the bath of doom on the side carbonate, and reach for the fish net, my more seasoned fish, a cleaner wrasse and two clown fish know what is coming they swim and hide in the rocks watching their remming friends foolishly swim in the open still anticipating a even snack, so I play along with the bull**** charade that is "tea time" I opening my butterflyfish favourite reef paste put abit on my finger place my hand in the tank and put it on his usual feeding spot, he swims over looking back almost to say to his cowering friends "what's the problem it's scran time"... His pals still hide in the rocks... They know what's coming.... An I pounce and before he knows it his evening lunch is behind him and he is in freshwater bath... 3 mins later and he's all done I plop him back in the tank only to receive a deathly look, his chums all come out to see him looking at him saying "told you so" they all have a little giggle amongst themselves... All is well...

I STRIKE!!! in goes the net and out comes two clown fish, they think they could avoid bath time! They where wrong!!! Only one is left... The wrasse, but he is a cunning fellow, he knows he is next... This is now a waiting game... Man vs beast... He knows I have work tomorrow and must go to bed at some point and I know he is at the wrong end of the tank from where he sleeps... So I put the net down, and turn the light out, blind panic now hit in, he's all alone in the dark, far from his bed... He swims out in the open almost as though calling for help but none will come, he swims here and there, whilst I work quietly in the darkness moving silently from the other end of the tank with the net, he had no chance against my superior brain size.

All fish are now bathed and ready for bed
Dude you shouldn't really be bathing them and returning to the tank. Chances are your stressing them out big time. If they have ich either seperate and qt or leave them to build up immunity. Dont chase um round the tank dunk um in fresh water and wang um back into the infected water.