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Back In The Running Aqua Reef 300


Having got out of the hobby around 4 years ago for a few reasons last few months been toying with the idea of staring up again, not so easy when you sold the lot before hand least i had my 5 stage ro unit still.

Was looking at 3x2x2 tanks until a local advert popped up around 5 miles from us,

free aqua reef 300 tank with live rock powerheads maxspect lights and stock, replied telling the women i would pay for the tank but would not really want to take the fish stock as they would have to live in a bucket for a good few weeks.

Good thing another local women asked for her live stock so the deal was done, even though she said free gave her £100 and got a few lads to her house and started draining and moving stuff.

One of the mates is a window fitter so out he comes with the glass suction cups and said to the bro inlaw they would use them, looking very sheepish i was looking at them moving the tank, so expected the suction cups to loose grip the mate said oh dont worry i have help 70kg glass with these, err ok.

Got the tank to the house and the wife helped as well and i half attempted it but they kept telling me off ( stomach problems ) when we ( they ) got the tank in place we looked at his window lifters after he said they were rated at 160kg each they were actually rated at 60kg !! gave him a disapproving look.

Having helped loads of folk in the past was astounded at how many folk were offing things to help me get going again.



Gave the tank a good clean out and made a shopping list, return pump sounded like a faulty jack hammer so bought myself a jeabo dcs 6000lph £78 and having had a laguna 7500lph on the large tank this was as silent as it gets. Had three vortech mp40wes on the last tank and thought not been that daft with money this time so bought a new powerhead from fishstreet does the job and is a lot more quieter then the vortechs i used to have 8000lph 6 flow patterns, adjustable speed and pulse and can connect them wireless for only £70.

Sump is not the best design but will alter that in the future, tank came with 25kg of live rock and got another 50kg of dead rock, boiled 25kg of it in ro water then mixed with the mature rock in the tank.

Had a cycle lasting 4-5 days now just on the diatom stage so added a phos reactor its only a tmc one which are not the best so will upgrade in the future same as the deltec sc1350 skimmer will get rid of that for a bubble magus curve 5.




Added some bacteria not instant cycle stuff pods and rots over a couple of weeks let the tank settle down had the skimmer and filter sock off in this period then tested again all params at 0 apart from phos which was at 5.

So time for some stock, paid aqua marine online a visit and £215 lighter came back with some bags of water well thats what the wife said anyway although she said the two common clowns and the yellow tang were hers ( A TANG IN A AQUA REEF 300 !!!) Dont worry about that looked at the back wall and still not impressed with the size of tank having had a much larger one so got a upgrade planned in 1-2 years to a 72 x 24 x 30 will take the time to buy all the extra equipment first and plan drainage as i cannot be lifting water tubs about thinking drain out and ro pipe under the floor boards to the sump, will enclose a 50 ltr water tub in a cupboard next to the tank for mixing fresh
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Getting some frags from local people in the next few days, will give the tank a good month before adding more stock.

If anyone has a red bubble tip going close to harrogate contact me