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Awol Peacock Wrasse - Urgent Help Please!



I've recently purchased two peacock wrasse and in the early days was suffering from them hiding / sleeping in the sand. I understood this to be normal if they are stressed or sleepy and so just kept an eye on it. After a little while, one regularly came out but the second was less and less visible. On Tuesday last week ( 12th ) he was spotted, but then nothing. Then again on Sunday 17th we got a 10 minute viewing of him and then he hid again.

Unfortunately, when we did see him, he was looking pretty thin and i don't think he is feeding properly.

I've tried to look through the sand but for obvious reasons it stirs everything up and so i can't do it for long. I have a spare breeding tank to put him in when i find him but i just can't find him!

How can i encourage him out? I heard something about garlic but not sure if thats true? I also wondered about changing the lights on the tank to convince him its night time or something.

At this point i'm open to any ideas as i really don't think he'll do very well for much longer!

Please help! Thank you.



Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear about your Wrasse issue :(

Do you have a closed lid? They can jump so may be worth checking the floor if you don't :confused:

Garlic can encourage fish to eat, so may be worth target feeding the area you think they are hiding with a little brine shrimp with garlic.

If it has gone to meet its maker :abduct:then hopefully your cuc will take care of it before it pollutes your tank.

Good luck.


I had a peacock wrasse used to swim round all day as soon as I put food in tank it would emerge didn't go back under sand till lights went out at 10pm.


I lost a sulphur goby a while back. Appeared now and again for feeds, then nothing :( My wife used to say "what's the point of having a fish we never get to see" - a bit like the wrasse.

We don't always see the Orange Spot Goby and Pistol Shrimp, but is nice and very rewarding when we do (think I need to move them both to my weir, where I'd be able to see them all the time - moo, ha, ha! :risas3:).

Any who, said Sulphur Goby was eventually found (or what was left of him), wedged in a cave in the middle of my live rock scape :(:(


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You never know he could just be hiding, had a mate who never used to see his for months on end then all of a sudden it would pop out ( turns out it only really used to come out at night )


So, I found him. He was in a rock and I happened to spot him. Took the decision to catch him and have tried to isolate him but if I'm honest I don't have a clue what I'm doing.

I'm not sure if that is causing more stress or even if he's eating now that he won't have all the food eaten by others.

He does swim a bit. It is laying on his side a lot and looks like he is breathing quite fast.

What now? Advise please.

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I've had the same behaviour with a very stressed royal grammar,
Make sure he has plenty of places to hide and if he's off his food try to get hold of a pack of marine'S', it's a very small pellet food that's often worked well for me to get fussy fish eating.
Good luck with him.


Thanks for all the help everyone. Sadly, despite target feeding and some isolation he did not make it.

A shame as they are lovely fish.

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