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Ask Red Sea

Discussion in 'Red Sea' started by RedSeaKev, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Kfclass

    Kfclass Registered

    Iv tired contacting redseafish direct on the tele number on website can't ever seem to speak with someone regarding tech support is there another number to speak with someone ? Hard for me to explain over email thanks
  2. RedSeaKev

    RedSeaKev Red Sea Technical Support

    Hi Kfclass, sorry is it going to recorded message ?? please PM me your contact phone number I will happily give you a call.
  3. NeilBPrater

    NeilBPrater Registered

    I am thinking of changing the water cooling fan on my 130d to something a bit more powerful. I'm struggling to keep my temperature under control. Do you know what the stock fans are rated at for RPM and CFM? I haven't got room for a chiller.
  4. RedSeaKev

    RedSeaKev Red Sea Technical Support

    Hi Neil, from your signature it suggests your temperature is 26c ? what temperature are you looking to reduce to ?? unfortunately I do not have the technical information your require regarding the water cooling fans.
  5. NeilBPrater

    NeilBPrater Registered

    Thanks Kev. That is an old sig! I've added a couple of aquarays since and now I struggle to get my temp below 28.
  6. poohpouri

    poohpouri Registered

    Hi can you tell me does it matter when I dose reef energy a&b? Daytime or night
  7. RedSeaKev

    RedSeaKev Red Sea Technical Support

    Hi Poohpouri, It will really depend on the type of animals you predominately have, however, Reef Energy is taken through the tissue of Corals hence it also being available to non-photosynthetic animals, check out this link The Story Behind The Development of Reef Energy | Red Sea
  8. poohpouri

    poohpouri Registered

    Keeping_ hammer heads, duncans 2 sps Montis, zoas, ricordias. Will have a read of the link
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2014
  9. RedSeaKev

    RedSeaKev Red Sea Technical Support

    Hi Poohpori, I would go for a dosing when the lights are on based on your stock list, you could split the dosage 80% day time 20% night time, just remember you need to turn the skimmer off for at least 30 minutes.
  10. Mel24

    Mel24 Registered

    My tank's calcium use in a week was 30ppm,tank contains LPS corals and the size is 290 litres. What dosing of reef care colours should I be giving?
  11. RedSeaKev

    RedSeaKev Red Sea Technical Support

    Hi Mel, are you using Red Sea Foundation A to replenish your depleted Calcium ? if so the dosing of Coral Colors is very easy.

    For every 10ml of Foundation A you dose you ad 1ml of each Coral Color, A,B,C & D.

    If you are not using Foundation A you first need to make allowance for the dosing of Strontium and then add Coral Colors at a rate of 1ml per 100 litres for every 20ppm of Calcium replenished.
  12. mark197829

    mark197829 Registered

    Hi been using nopox now for about 6 weeks now at 12ml a day my nitrates dropped from 50 to round about 30 but hasn’t moved in weeks any idea why it’s stoped dropping

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