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As New Juwel Rekord 800 Aquarium


Equipment make/model/size: Juwel Rekord 800
Age/condition: Less than a year
How long you have had item: Since new
Quantity for sale: 1
Reason for sale: Got a much larger tank
Sales price: Negotiable
Collection / Postage: Post at buyers cost £20
Location (Area and Town): Winchester, Hampshire

Hi All,
Thought i would take my chances on here before eBay!!!
I bought the above last year for my other half as she wanted a smaller tank (My current is 8 foot) She had several clowns in there and a few calm fish but we've now decided to put them into the big tank and sell the smaller tank as it's just pointless maintaining several tanks!
specs from the site: Rekord 800
Decor: Black
Volume: approx. 110 Litres
Measurements: 81 x 36 x 45 cm

It currently has a 10k bulb and an actinic, overall brilliant condition, still has the original heater, internal filter etc! I paid £159.99 for it but i know i won't see that back!

Not sure what to ask, happy to accept offers, Won't mind trading for livestock, Fish, Inverts, LPS, SPS etc :)

If you're local enough, i'll bring it over, I can post at buyers cost, wouldn't cost more than £20 to deliver i should think!
Currently located in winchester Hampshire

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Mate i might as well tell you, You need to use the selling template or your get deleted.

Good luck with the sale