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Aqua One 300 Noisy


Hi, does anyone have an aqua one 300, looking for some advice on quietening down the durso/standpipe please. I've a few ideas, but don't want to make matters worse if they don't work. Thanks


if its the same as my 180 was you'll have an durso that looks like a tap, and then a thinner return,

there noisy, sound like a toilet and generally annoying.

what i did was to turn mine into a herbie overflow.


what this involves though, is:

cutting the thicker drain pipe down about 6 inches, this lowers it in the overflow and will creat a full syphon, on this you need either a ball or a gate valve,

the thinner return pipe i cut to create an emergancy drain, on this i have an elbow so i can adjust the drain height,

the return pump then needs a new pipe, i use a return from an onld canister that returns about 1" under the waters surface,

the way you set it:

open the valve fully and set your pump on 70% ish, then close the valve and you will see the water rise in the overflow, once it gets to the emergancy overflow it will start to run down that, open the valve a little, and now use the pump control to get the emergancy drain, having just a trickle down it.

this is the quietest way.

it will need fine tuning from time to time,




Staff member
How high is the water level in the weir? And when you block the hole on top of the durso with your finger dose the level in the weir drop and then make an awful gurgling sound?


Right, finger on pipe, yes that's exactly what it did , so no solution there. Flow rate, yes. Invested in a reef pump 4000, 20 speed settings, feed mode, electronic display and very quiet. As for that air intake, I pushed an air line valve in and simply played with it until the noise went but the level stayed constant. Don't know the science behind it but it did the trick. As for the flow rate I've played around with it and have found I've got a range from 2 to 8 that I'm happy with. Any more and the return is far too quick. Now all that's left to do is run in my new TMC reef skim (fine bubbles in sump) and decide on my lighting upgrade. Been looking at Vipaspectra 165w led units. Only concern is no-one seems to have heard of them. Jake, that was a cracking in depth reply mate, much appreciated. Hopefully my fix will prove successful long term, if not I'll be referring back to your modifications. Thanks to you all for your replies.


yeah i did try the airline with no real luck.

the good thing with the herbie is you have a spare pipe to the sump should the main get blocked some how. and you can run more flow.

good luck buddy