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Anyone know of any good Apps for my S3??

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by adamandlucy86, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. adamandlucy86

    adamandlucy86 Registered

    Hi All,

    Recieved my S3 through the post yesterday and so far seems to be a fantastic phone. Just wondered if anyone knew of any goos apps i can download??
  2. Aaron

    Aaron Photography pimp

    Apart from the regular aps like FB, tapatalk and ebay, I wouldn't be without swift key 3 as the stock keyboards aren't that great. Other aps I find essential are setcpu and ad free android. Both need root though.
  3. Mike and Clare

    Mike and Clare Registered

    Juice defender. My galaxy ace goes flat really quickly, this app doubles battery life.
  4. Whipitup

    Whipitup Registered

    I use the Gingerbread keyboard over the stock one, the BBC news widget is pretty good, and I use Beautiful widgets for the weather (costs 60p though).
    Convert pad I find quite useful, and the Photobucket app is good as I can upload straight from my phone.
    Other than that it's mostly "stock" although I do run a custom Rom, so the standard apps have already been fiddled with or changed.
  5. jaimeomg

    jaimeomg Registered

    ES File Explorer
    Norton Utilities
    TrustGo Internet Security
    tTorrent Pro

    And if you have a rooted phone:
    Rom Toolbox Pro
    Lucky Patcher

    Sent from my Galaxy SIII using Tapatalk 2
  6. MartynIT

    MartynIT Registered

  7. adamandlucy86

    adamandlucy86 Registered

    I like the cracked screen one thats pretty cool.
  8. Mick

    Mick Registered

    I,m with Orange and they are doing swapables, 2 free apps which you can change monthly.
    I have Deezer and the sky sports package, Great for free if your on a panther plan :)
    Deezer is full of music :)
  9. adamandlucy86

    adamandlucy86 Registered

    is deezer free?
  10. Carlos

    Carlos Registered

    being thick how do you root it Aaron, is this when you can get loads of freebies mate.

  11. Marksfish

    Marksfish Registered

    Seneye. Of course, only any good if you ha the gear :)
  12. adamandlucy86

    adamandlucy86 Registered

    As Carl has said, how doyou root them, heard the term before but no idea how to do it.
  13. Aaron

    Aaron Photography pimp