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ALL BLUE 4,5 Channels Titration Dosing Pump review by Bluez_01


This is my review of the Hinfeld 5-way doser pump, I would like to say that my review will be as honest and independent, both good and bad points will be stated as I believe that having genuine honest opinions in this hobby is extremely important with the amount of money this hobby costs us.

So today 18th Oct 16 the dose arrived, I did not finish work until 6pm so I had little time to sort anything out, however like most of us with new toys to play with, I decided to make a start on things.

Firstly before I did anything, I took pictures of the box and the parts within it as I opened it, first impressions always last, so I thought this would be a good place to start, on opening the box, the first thing I saw to my relief was instructions in English, I have purchased a few dosers in the past and most of the instructions are in Chinese and very limited pictures to help you set up the unit, so this was a huge relief to see that I can at least see what I am suppose to do with the settings.

Next under the instructions was the guarantee card, again in English, again reassurance that the product is supported by the manufacturer if anything should go wrong, a blue display stood out on the unit and looked professional enough to state that the product is of a quality build, if the doser is on show where your tank is, then I think its important to have equipment that looks professional and can do something you want it to do.


Next I opened the white box behind the main unit to see what parts I was given with the device, there is 5 good built pumping heads with medical grade tubing, I have in the past had dosers that run on a metal motor spindles and these over time begin to slip and dose less, the ones in this package are square plastic that fit in to a square hole within the motor unit, again a relief to see that this should give an accurate dose over time without missing/slipping on the pump motor.

I was pleasantly surprised to see 5 non-return plastic valves in the parts as well, often is the case that these are not supplied with some dosers, and therefore you are left waiting to use the device because of these parts that are often not included.
There is also 5 small medical grade tubes around 4"-5" in length that is supplied with the kit to attach the non-return valves to the pump heads, so you have pretty much everything you need to get you started.

In the pack there is a 3 pin adaptor in English for power, again I have had dosers that have 2 pins and needed an adaptor to use on the adaptor, so again it shows that the manufacture has thought things through for the UK market, the label on the adaptor is upside down on mine, and this in all honesty is the only bad point I can state about the initial opening and inspection of the box contents.

After attaching the pump heads to the pump, I attached the valves to the medical tubing I was supplied with, however this is where I would state there is a down side, there is no indication on the pump head, or in the instructions to state which is the "inlet" and which is the "outlet".

So I turned on pump 1 and stuck my tongue on the end of the pipe to see which is sucking and which is pushing, it turns out that the left side of the tubes/pump heads are the "intakes" and the right side is "outlets", this is the same for all the pumps, to make sure I remembered this, I marked arrows on the left side with arrows to remind me if I ever needed to swap out pipes at any point in the future.

Setting up was easy enough after playing around for a while, I, like most of us, wanted to test and see what things do without reverting to the instructions every second, so after reading the instructions to figure out how to set the clock, I found the easiest way to get on with things was to use the diagram called "Working Interface" and having the button layout sheet next to that.

This doser has quiet a few settings, though the display is clear and has a nice blue background light, it makes things easy to see.


After setting up the clock, the next thing you will notice is the pump number and "set-up" will say 000, this seems a little confusing at the start but once you work out what this "000" stands for its very easy, these numbers stand for seconds that the pump will run at, so for example: 001 = 1 second and 010 = 10 seconds and finally 100 = 100 seconds, each "0" can be changed individually from 0-9 for more accurate timing, the pump heads are set to one speed and therefore can not be adjusted to slow down the dose or increase it in a given time frame, however, saying that, this doser unit can run 24 times in one day (or once an hour if you like) on EACH of the pump heads, therefore you can dose for 1 second every hour, 24 times a day on each pump head. Or you can set it up to dose for 24 seconds once per day which will be the same amount of time.

You can of course alter this and change this to however you want to have the dosing set up, If we work on the basis of the main 3 chems we dose (Alk,Cal,Mag) for now, then we can have Alk dosing at 6am for 30 seconds, we can have Mag dosing at 1pm for 30 seconds, and finally Cal at 11pm for 30 seconds, or we can split these times up further by doing something like Alk at 6am for 10 seconds, and again at 3pm for 10 seconds, and again at 9pm for 10 seconds, which is the same amount but over a longer period of time, as stated above you can have 24 time frames on one pump head in 24 hours, so you can set up the dosing pumps however you like really.

Lastly on the set up side of things, there is a "line" under each of the 24 hours numbers, (0-24) the line indicates that this is "active" and will run at this hourly time, to disable this hour, you remove the "line" from under the number you do not want it to run at, for example: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23. this will state that the pump number will run only at 7:00 hrs and 17:00 hrs the rest will be ignored.

Accuracy is key when it comes to dosing anything in our tanks, more so if you keep sps`s or corals that are sensitive to sudden or large changes, this is where any doser will shine or fall by the way side depending on how well it does on this part, for my testing purposes I will do the following to see how accurate the doser is.

I propose to measure out with the pump head 1 mil of liquid per 12 hours, therefore over 24 hours I expect to see 2 mil of liquid on a timed basis, now I should state 2 things before I undertake this test, firstly we need to take in to account that the pump heads/tubes are new, and therefore it is expected that over a period of a week, these will "bed in" and become slightly faster as they settle, the tubes will swell a little as fluids are pumped through them over this period of time as well, so this will probably increase the flow rates through the pump heads over this time, and thus in return I would not expect to see an "exact amount" of 2 mil per 24 hours each day, we also need to take in to account any evaporation that will take place of the fluid over 24 hours as well, however with that all said and done, I intend to run pure r/o water through pump number 5 and have it pump in to an empty syringe so I can see at a glance how well the doser is doing each day.

By the 5th day I should expect to see somewhere between 9mil and 11 mil in total, this sounds like a large swing, but with everything above stated, I will be happy to see this amount of fluid in the syringe after 5 days.
After this test has completed and things have settled in, I will then put the doser through a more accurate test of once every 2 hours and again I will have this set up to achieve the total amount of 6 mil over 24 hours, therefore the doser will need to accurately put 0.5mil in each and every time to achieve this goal.

This is my first testing phase, presently I have not run any liquid through the doser at all, so I can not state currently what the lowest amount of liquid is dispense at 1 second or 10 seconds, once I have conducted this testing part, I will be able to update the figures above to what the intended amount of liquid should be over a given time frame.

I will update once I have some more info on the above liquid amounts, when I get chance to do something hopefully this week.
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Great review so far Big Thumbs Up really looking forward to see this performs. From reading through it seems pretty straight forward to setup which is always a plus :)


So time for a little update.

I can say that 1 second of pump time equals 0.5 mil of liquid now, which to some might seem a lot, however when you consider that many of us dose in or around 25/30mil per day on chems like Alk/Cal/Mag it really isnt that much in one go.
More so if you have split dosing times like I do, where instead of dosing say for example 30mil of Calcium, rather than dropping the full 30mil in one go, I tend to split it over 2, so once in the morning and once at night at 15mil per time, this helps prevent mass shock to the water (not that it would probably cause a shock, but its better to add slow and steady I think).

I have had channel 5 running at 2 seconds per day, (1 mil) of dosing, and I can safely say that over 7 days the total amount dosed was 6.5mil, now taking into account evap then I would say this is pretty much bang on over the course of the week, it may of been slightly over the 7mil, but it would not of been by much, and certainly not enough to cause major concern on over dosing anything.

I have got enough faith in the product to run it as it should be run, and it is now totally in control of dosing the main 3 chems in to the tank and has been for the past 4 or 5 days in all honesty, the noise from the pumps is reasonably loud in all honesty, I am guessing this will drop in volume as it wears in more, but for now I am happy to hear it when I am in the room, as I know the timer is working as it should and its dosing when it should and not skipping any.

I will do the 3 main tests on the tank at the weekend to see where the params are at, though I am confident at this moment in time that they will be somewhere close to where they should be, which will be an improvement on my old doser I hope, as this often would drift on the lower side over the week, and I would find myself having to adjust them by up to 20 seconds on each pump head to try and get things back in line again.

Will update after this weekends tests, but its looking promising at the moment... Big Thumbs Up


I am really watching this thread closly like the look of this product :) Do you know if you can get brackets and containers for this ?


Another test which may prove valuable is how two or three pumps react when set to come on at the same time. I have a jebao dp-4 and i set my doses to be aministered on the hour, staggered by a few hours. Ie calcium at 9am, mag 10am and alk 11am. But my NaCl free salt i put at the same time to feed a couple of ml's and found sometimes only one pump would go on. So i had to set the NaCl free pump a few mins later to ensure it dosed.

Would be interesting to see if this unit handles it correctly.


Another test which may prove valuable is how two or three pumps react when set to come on at the same time. I have a jebao dp-4 and i set my doses to be aministered on the hour, staggered by a few hours. Ie calcium at 9am, mag 10am and alk 11am. But my NaCl free salt i put at the same time to feed a couple of ml's and found sometimes only one pump would go on. So i had to set the NaCl free pump a few mins later to ensure it dosed.

Would be interesting to see if this unit handles it correctly.
sounds like a fault as mine doses nopox at 12noon along with alk (iirc) and I'm not aware of it ever not dosing

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Another test which may prove valuable is how two or three pumps react when set to come on at the same time. I have a jebao dp-4 and i set my doses to be aministered on the hour, staggered by a few hours. Ie calcium at 9am, mag 10am and alk 11am. But my NaCl free salt i put at the same time to feed a couple of ml's and found sometimes only one pump would go on. So i had to set the NaCl free pump a few mins later to ensure it dosed.

Would be interesting to see if this unit handles it correctly.

The unit is "self protecting" (My new made up name for it), basically IF you have accidentally set up the timers to fire at the same time, they will "Queue" the pumps in order, meaning for example if pump 1 and 2 are set to run at 6am, Pump 1 will run its timer first, and when that is complete pump 2 will then dose its timer, the only time I could see any reason for this to happen would be if you are using the doser to top up your R/O.
As you will never want to dose ALk & Mag or Cal so close together at any time like that, I always leave at least 3 hours between the main chems for dosing in to the tank.

I would also like to mention that the back up memory on this thing is incredible, I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but before I put this on the tank, I powered it up and took pictures of the programming side of things in my first post, this took about 2 hours to do all told, after that I switched it off and left it for 3 days without powering it back up at all, I was amazed to see that when I powered it back up after 3 days, that it had remembered not only the settings I had put in, but also the clock was set as well, my old unit would always lose the clock when losing power, even if it was for a second, which of course would mean if we had a power surge in the morning (happens quiet regular living out in the sticks) then the whole day of dosing would be void, as the timers run off the clock setting meaning it would miss the days dosing, not only is this a royal PITA, but also very annoying that I had to come in after work everyday to check the doser to see if this had happened at all, now I do not have any of them issues, and to be honest this feature alone would be worth its money.

I am trying reasonable hard to find a downside to this unit, as I do not want people thinking I am just bigging up the unit for the sake of the manufacturer, but I can not seem to find any major downsides to this unit in all honesty. The unit does not come with any type of mounting fixtures or "holes" in the back to hang it with, could probably be a downside to this unit, however, I can understand why there would be no holes in the back of it, as this could lead to dampness getting in to the unit and possibly send it hay-wire, and that is the last thing you want to happen, as there is then the possibility of it dosing all in one go, causing a complete tank wipe out.

I have in my case mounted this to my control board (you can see this on my tank thread at the beginning of the thread) this was done quiet easy, I used some silicone (5 blobs of it) on the back of the unit, and then stuck it directly to my board, and then supported it underneath with a couple of empty bottles I had knocking about for 12 hours, once the silicone had gone off and set, I removed the bottles and the unit is now fixed to the board, you should never need to get access to the back of the unit, as there is nothing on there, so the only time you would ever need to remove it would be if the unit ever fails and needs to go back for repair, if a pump should fail, then these can be unclipped easy from the bottom of the unit and a new one pushed straight in, so no need to remove it from the wall at all really, and if you ever did, this method would allow you to prise it off the wall, as silicone never sets rock solid if you use the right type (bathroom silicon is ok for this type of job, or MA6 which is what I used.)

I am doing my main tests today to see how the params lay after a solid week of use now, last week it had 5 days running so it wasn`t an accurate account of a full week test of dosing, I also had to bring forward my water change by one day as well last week, so again it was only really 4 days of dosing, I shall update later today to inform you guys of where the params are. Big Thumbs Up
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So to update on the 3 main chem tests...
The verdict is in *Drum roll*... Alk was at 7.9... Cal was at 440 and Mag was at 1370 after one week with no inference with the settings, which is pretty spot on really, (I like to run Mag and Cal slightly higher then NSW) so I am happy with this outcome over a week, pump 5 dosed just over 7ml over the 7 days with the settings left alone from last time, this extra 0.5ml could be down to a couple of reasons, either the cold weather is slowing down the evap on it, or the pump is or has bedded in now.

I have been having an issue with zero nitrates on the corals, so I am considering using pump 4 to dose some coral food in to the tank once or twice a day to prevent starvation for the time being, I plan on adding a couple more fish at the end of Nov 16 to help this case, but between now and then I think this maybe the best way forward, I did consider adding some coral food to the top up water, but I dont want to encourage possible algae growing in that chamber in the sump and making a mess of it, so I think this is probably a better way.

I will update the thread next week just before the water change again, but I have to say that so far I am really impressed with this doser, it does what it says, its accurate over a week (for now anyways, hopefully next week results will be the same), having the extra 1-2 channels on this certainly helps and makes things easy to add "extra" dosing patterns in to the tank when needed, in my case to dose some coral food on a set basis, I also have that peace of mind that IF one pump should fail then I have a spare channel pump that I can drop on to at any point while I wait to sort out the one that has failed.

For the money thus far, this gives me peace of mind, I am confident in the product now, and I am more than happy with how its preforming so far. :clap:

Will update next week.


Brilliant review. I have just bought this unit second hand, but had a real job finding the instructions online!

My hope is that you may be able to advise me how to calibrate the dosing pump?

I cannot seem to find anyone who has shared how to do this with the All Blue.

Kind regards,

Derek, UK