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All Awc Range Available

Discussion in 'Reefloat' started by reefloat, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. reefloat

    reefloat Registered

    Feb 26, 2010
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    following a surge in sales over and following the christmas period I was left in a position where I could not keep up with demand and had to stop sales temporarily
    now back up to speed and all are available, unfortunately I have had to stop international sales for the foreseeable future as cannot meet the demand - also it has been necessary to review pricing and the AWC have increased by £12 as a direct result of the current value of the UK£ as some components are imported

    although the AWC was only ever intended as project for my own use it has become a popular piece of equipment in the hobby with sales now exceeding 3k - current models are vastly improved from the original design in 2010 following input from customers, among these are small but relevant alterations like digital timing, reinforced pipe, switch to speed up the empty and salt mixing, replacement of steel screws for plastic, thumb screws for the cap, higher quality intake grills... the list goes on but the object has been to produce something that will last with minimum service or replacement parts, it all comes at a cost

    the ATU range continues to be in demand thanks to forum members giving it their backing when advice is asked on here and for those that support it I am most grateful

    what brexit will bring is anyone's guess but I will still be here providing after sales as best as I can
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