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Algae\dino Id Please



I've been having major issues with my RedSea 170 tank. I think I had a dino issue which ended up killing all my corals and invertebrates

I've peroxide treated, dino x treated etc which ended up completely cleaning my rocks of more or less everything. That wasn't the original plan but seemed to be the best way given the situation.

Anyway the tank is now stable and I've added a couple of corals which seem to be doing well. I had a red algae bloom/cyano due to what I think is silicate. Now that's sorted as the cyano dies off I can see these dinos? return. It's as if they are always living in the rocks waiting for the opportunity to thrive again.

I've attached pics to show a bit better. They are transparent mini sweepers with with dots on the end.
I've also got a short video but it wont let me upload it.

Also if anyone is having similar issues let me know and I can tell you what steps I did to get rid of them (or so I thought)