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AI sol - price slash in the US


Apparently AquaIllumination announced at MACNA the new pheonix unit, wireless controllable units and a price slash across the range...

sol to $399 (£249) , nano to $299 (£187) :w00t: lets hope theirs a price drop over here (not holding breath)

im considering getting one of these units from john at dreamreef, but with this price drop(if it happens),it makes them HALF the price they are here :eek:

i know d+d the importer have to pay transport costs, import taxes etc but the current price of £499 + controller costs make this unit too expensive for most reefers and if you are thinking of getting one spend an extra £30 ish and get an ecotech radion led unit

AquaIllumination Offers Free Wireless Controllers for Sol | AquaNerd

AquaIlluminations Sol Now Offered in Black | AquaNerd

lets hope there is a price drop cos i want one for my outhouse nano :whistling:, but i aint going to be ripped off



Sounds interesting...I wonder what their new device packs and whether it gets colour / UV LEDs as well as the blue, white, ultra blue combo?

Saw an interesting article in Coral by Sanjay Joshi about what he's using...worth a look.

Certainly making for an interesting next few years (when I'll just be ready to move on from halides!)