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advise on first corals for a novice

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Kazza, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Kazza

    Kazza Registered

    Hi guys. Ive just bought my first marine tank second hand. Came with everything included. Its about 3 foot and im guessing holds about 125 litres. It came with 2 common clownfish, a boxer shrimp, 4 cleaner shrimp a wrasse and 2 other fish which im not quite sure about the name yet. There's lots of live rock but it's all a bit plain looking. I wanted some advice as what would be some good corals to start with, bearing in mind im a novice. I wanted some nice bright ones to really set off the tank and they need to be relatively easy to look after. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. stekerry13

    stekerry13 Registered

    Look at the soft corals, zoas, leather, gsp, Xenia, all good for new tank.
  3. Hazey

    Hazey Registered

    As Ste has put. Zoas are easy to care for come in a vast array of colours.
    Mushrooms are also easy & you can get bright red ones & blue ones to name just 2 of the colours available.
    Here is a website to show you several easy to care for corals HERE
    & HERE

  4. Kazza

    Kazza Registered

    Thanks for the advice :) just one other thing. The protein skimmer is super noisy! Is this normal? Its brand new and never used but the noise is pretty unbearable. Im sure its positioned correctly. Im having to switch it off at nite because of the noise
  5. Hazey

    Hazey Registered

    Which skimmer is it?
    May need to bed in?
    Is it vibrating onto your sumps glass?
    Maybe raise it up a touch & put it on a piece of eggcrate
    Where did you buy it from?

    In a nutshell, no it should not be noisy, slight hum from the pump but that's all.
  6. Kazza

    Kazza Registered

    Hi Hazey. Im not sure of the make, ill check when i get home. I had it from the guy i bought the tank off but he had never even taken it out of the box. The skimmer goes directly into the tank, on the side with a square chamber sticking out of the water. The noise is coming from the chamber where the foam comes up. Its a really loud sucky bubbly noise is the only way i can describe it. It isnt vibrating on glass.
  7. Hazey

    Hazey Registered

    Whilst the skimmer is running, cover the air intake so the skimmer expels any trapped air

    If it is not new you may need to strip the skimmer down to clean the pump.

    Try the air intake bit a few times to see if the skimmer beds in & starts to run quiet
  8. Kazza

    Kazza Registered

    Thats great thanks, ill give that a try. :)