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2 tanks been going 7 years . Nothing much changes
Nitrates around 20 in one and near 0 in the other .
Phosphates low in both .
Mushrooms have multiplied lots at times and other times shrunk extremely small and then disappeared.
Read different things.
In tank now some doing a lot better than others
Anyone have ongoing success got any good tips ?


I find mushrooms have a mind of their own and multiply like mice and move around when they feel like it.

Mine I sure have parties at night I'm positive but yet again it might be me.


Staff member
The red ones in my tank that are in direct light and flow don't do half as well as the ones that are sheltered, but for some reason green Ones grow like mad in direct light,
I can't work them out either,,


Funny lil Buggas. I Have some growing on a large rock. which are very light in colour.
In full light!
The same ones behind a rock. very dark colour. in low light.


I had 4 on a rock that went in dark. I had a problem with temp/salinity (faulty equipment) and they bleached. Now, the advice on here was to move them out of the light, give them shade. So, as an experiment I slid 2 into shade, left 2 out. Surprisingly, absolutely no difference in colour since moving them 5 weeks ago. Good thing is they all seem happy, remain open despite becoming albinos lol


To be honest, that's what I love about a reef tank, every day there's a new challenge. I've kept everything in the freshwater world, the pinnacle being breeding discus. After that, I got bored with my fully planted Amazonian biotope. That's when I decided, last Xmas, to give saltwater a whirl.....never looked back, love it. And the support on this forum is nothing short of phenomenal!!