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Acclimatizing Fish, Inverts and Corals

Discussion in 'Fish, Anemone's and Critters' started by Realist, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Realist

    Realist Registered

    Jun 18, 2009
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    Acclimatizing your new Fish, corals or Inverts.
    Drip method. My way. (I say my way as there is many different ways to do this)

    Tools needed
    Length of airline tube
    Adjustable airline Valve
    container to hold fish/corals/inverts
    Scissors/knife (to open Bags)
    Small 25w heater

    Acclimatizing Fish and corals should always be done in a dimly lite room (never bright light).

    Acclimatizing Fish and Corals.

    Empty contents of bag into container large enough to hold contents with room to double the water volume at least.
    Place heater and thermometer in container and plug heater in and switch on, you want water temp to be the same as tank they are going in.
    PLace airline valve on one end of airline, place other end of airline into tank.
    Start a siphon going and then adjust valve so you get approx 4 drips per second coming out, then have this drip into container.
    When water volume has double approx 60 mins later empty half the water and carry on dripping for another 2 or 3 times.
    When complete gently net the fish and place it in the tank.
    With corals turn upside down lift out of water and place in tank, turning the correct way up when in main tank.

    Acclimatizing Inverts.
    Most snails will come in very little water, even packed in just wet paper or paper towel.

    Have a container of water (fresh will do) and place heater and thermometer in and turn on.
    Float bag with inverts in
    when temp is same as tank start a drip going of 1 drip or less per second.
    After approx 2 hours you can transfer these to the sand bed of the tank

    NOTE: Starfish must never be introduced to air.

    Another way would be to float bag in tank take some tank water out and put into a suitable container and place the container higher than the bag in the tank and set a drip feed from the container to the bag.
    Other people will float the bag for 20 - 30mins take the bag out place into a container and drip feed with no heater. To me that means you will get a difference in temp from the main tank and could possibly shock your fish/corals, after all that time drip feeding the water to slowly acclimatize I wouldn't want to risk a temp difference tbh

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