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60g Mixed Reef + Seahorse Display Refugium

Discussion in 'Medium Tanks (31-100gal)' started by Afonso, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Afonso

    Afonso Registered

    Having this tank running for 6 weeks now I thought it's probably time to make a tread on here to log the development of this tank


    24" cube 10mm glass with corner weir



    24" diy glass/acrylic 6 stages



    Diy steel frame 50mm box channel



    Light - ATI sunpower 6 bulbs plus led for moonlight

    Circulation - 2 jebao 4000l with twin controller

    Stc 1000

    I'll edit this later can't be asked right now

    Current Parameters:

    PH 8.0
    NO2 0.05
    NO3 0.5
    PO4 0.02
    Mg 1680
    Ca 440
    Kh 9

    Stable from week

    Might as well leave a few vid of how the tank is doing now

    Thanks for looking, any suggestions will be appreciate

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    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  2. steve861uk

    steve861uk Registered

    Looking good - all nice and clean for now (will soon change as it matures :)).

    Can't see vids until I get home (something to look forward too).....work has a restriction on what we can/can't see (censorship!) :mad:
  3. Afonso

    Afonso Registered

    For now lol, red coroline is already taking over the tank lol

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  4. Afonso

    Afonso Registered

    New addition


    Clam and a yellow tang

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  5. Jagger

    Jagger Registered

    Very nice Afonso,I love the blue maxima clam.
  6. Afonso

    Afonso Registered

    The frogspawn looks more happy today, only introduced yesterday


    enough of coral let's see some plants the fuge has gone crazy this last few days. Still my favourite bit in the tank. Might have to look for some clippers this weekend.






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  7. shady

    shady Moderator Staff Member

    Do you have any worries about the Caleurpa going asexual ??
  8. Afonso

    Afonso Registered

    Nooooo, I've been using caleurpa for a few years with no problems to be honest might be a lot of mixed reviews on this algae myself I've never seen a tank crash by using this algae and I've read that the die off of algaes in your tank can be a good thing. For now is going to stay, my main test kit is my eyes if I see things changing then I'll have to rethink but for now am happy whith what I see lol

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